New video! – “The Mall”

Filmed during the Rotor DR1 shoot at Rolling Acres mall in Ohio, USA
Link to the episode in which the footage was used.

The Rolling Acres mall closed down in 2008. It is a really creepy place. It’s huge and empty. Every single piece of glass is broken. The glass sky lights were broken and water was dripping on the floor with an echoey splash. It was absolutely awesome! Someone in the Rotor DR1 community knew the owners and arranged that we could shoot there. Naturally I had to bring the tricopter.

Reception was surpassingly good considering I was using 5.8Ghz. Probably because there weren’t a single electrical device in or even a power-grid nearby. I broke a total of 8 props during the day and flew a total of 8 batteries. I lost all 3 landing gear during the day (couldn’t find them) due to low flying and scraping the floor.
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Migration to new host

The site has now moved to a new and more powerful server. Hopefully the site will run a little smoother from now on. There might be some bugs left laying around, if you find one please leave a comment or send an email through the contact from on the about me page.

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New product, new shipping…

Things have been really busy over here lately. You guys have been ordering like crazy, thank you for that! I have some new things in the works that I’m not quite ready to announce just yet, but they are coming. I’m also trying to squeeze in editing a video, which I hope to have ready soon as well.

Since people have been asking for it, the store now has an insured and (to some countries) trackable shipping option. The standard non-insured option is still available. A list of the trackable countries and more info on the different shipping options is available here.

Hobbyking seems to have trouble stocking the TGY-210DHM and the high quality BMS-210DHM is nearly impossible to find online for some reason. So to make things a bit easier I for people to get this excellent servo, I decided to buy a small batch of 100 units. Check it out in the store here.


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Tricopters back in stock!

Just a quick update that the tricopter V3 kit now is back in stock!

RCExplorer Tricopter V3 kit

Ooo also, today I sent out the 1000th order, that kit contains a little something extra. Thanks to everyone for the awesome support!

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New version of the top part for the tilt mechanism. – Free replacement!

Tilt mechanism upgrade

Now that over 600 people have gotten their tricopters the weak points of the design is starting to become apparent. I try to test all aspects of a design as thoroughly as I can before releasing it. I’ve been flying my personal tricopter like a maniac with the original tilt mechanism without any problem. I’ve had many, many crashes and it’s been holding up great. But now that other people have been flying theirs, with with a huge variety of setups ranging from small motors and props to huge ones, some people have broken their tilt mechanism much easier than intended.

I have therefore decided to redesign the top piece of the tilt to be beefier to withstand more abuse. The tilt mechanism is designed to be tough enough not to break during “normal” crashes with the recommended motor/prop setup. The zip-ties should absorb most of the impact saving the motor, servo and tilt mechanism. The tilt should however be weak enough that in an extreme crash it should break before damaging the more expensive, and much more of a hassle to change, servo.

I believe this new design is up to that spec. Actually the new tilt is as strong as the layer adhesion of the ABS. The new part is printed 100% solid, using higher temperatures and without any cooling fans to ensure maximum layer adhesion. It is also 1.2 mm longer, but it still fits the original bottom piece. Making the part thicker wouldn’t actually add much strength past this point. In the future I might develop an optional upgrade part for larger motor setups or super beater tricopters, made from another material or with another manufacturing method. But this will take some thinking and testing, and therefore quite some time.


As I think the tilt mechanism should have been designed this way from the start, I will ship out a free replacement to anyone that got the old one, and would like the new top piece.

All you have to do is fill out this form and I’ll send you a new one

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Last episode of Rotor DR1

Here is the final episode of the epic saga of Rotor DR1:

Did it end the way you expected?

If you missed the earlier episodes, you can find all 10 on Rotor DR1’s website

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Tricopter kits out of stock again


The tricopters are unfortunately out of stock again. New stock should arrive early January.

Orders not containing backorder items will still be shipped as normal.

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Beta testing of the forum

forum-quote-iconThe new forum is now up and running! Please keep in mind that it is currently under beta testing.

Hopefully everything works the way it’s supposed to, but you never know…

The forum is running on pretty simple code so don’t expect too much fancy functionality ;)

There is no need to create a new user for the forum, the same login that you use for the site in general will work on the forum as well.

Happy posting!

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Caught up! – Stock update

1bhkWoohoo! I’m finally caught up on orders! Thank you so much for your patience and support. So far 810 orders have been shipped out, and 583 tricopter kits have been sold.

By your requests, I’m working on getting a forum running so that we all can share experiences, setups and such with each other in a more convenient way. Hopefully it will be up very soon.

Today I inventoried the remaining stock and updated the shop. As I’m writing this, there are 30 tricopter kits in stock. May the odds be ever in your favor ;)

More parts are on their way, but I’m afraid the holidays might slow down the shipping companies. As soon as they arrive, I’ll update the stock again.

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KK2 setup video for the Tricopter V3

Here is the KK2 setup video for the Tricopter V3. I noticed that I skimmed some areas a bit lightly when shooting the video, but I hope people still find it useful. For more in-depth info read Steveis manual.

Recommended PI values:
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