Slow Mo Time – My new secondary channel

I just got a slowmotion camera! It’s a pretty cheap camera when it comes to proper high speed cameras (it’s still cost a pretty penny  though)

As a weekend project I’ve now stared a secondary channel called “Slow Mo Time

Is there anything you would like to see in slow motion? Leave a comment!

So far I’ve made 3 videos and here they are:
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RCExplorer is hiring

RCExplorer is looking for a technically inclined person, preferably with knowledge/education/experience in the field of product development with electronics/mechatronics and or programming. Knowledge/experience/interest of video production and editing is highly valued.
The work will mostly consist of helping develop new products in the RC field (mostly multirotor), video shooting/editing and answering technical emails from customers.
Video work might be possible to learn “on the job”. The most important qualities you posses are a drive and the willingness to learn new things along with listening to feedback, and naturally that our personalities mix well.
So in essence I need a sounding board and a “sidekick”. The company is in it’s startup phase and it’s Me and my wife doing most of the work. We have one part time employ that helps out with packing and shipping.
As the company is currently small you must be willing to jump in where you’re needed.
Depending on your credentials up to a full time position is available.
More info about the company and to get a feel for what we do, visit

We are located outside of Töreboda, Sweden. Some distance work might work but mainly we’re looking for someone that can be “on site” as much as possible. Work hours are flexible though.

Emails are very welcome at

Söker en person som är tekniskt lagd, gärna med kunskap/utbildning/erfarenhet inom produktutveckling med elektronik/mekatronik och/eller programmering. Har du även kunskap/erfarenhet/intresse inom videofilming/redigering är det mycket meriterande.
Tjänsten innefattar att hjälpa till med produktutveckling inom modellflyg (mest multirotor), videofilmning/redigering samt teknisk support för kunder via email. Videodelen kan eventuellt läras under anställningen. Viktigast är att du har driv och har viljan att lära dig nya saker samt lyssnar på feedback och givetvis att personkemin är rätt.
Jag behöver helt enkelt ett bollplank och en “sidekick”. Företaget är i uppstarts-fasen och det är jag själv och frun som jobbar med företaget, samt en deltid som sysslar med packning. Då det är ett så pass litet företag i nuläget är det viktigt att man är beredd att rycka in på alla möjliga områden där behov uppstår. Beroende på din kompetens är upp till heltid aktuellt.
Mer info om företaget och för att få en känsla av vad det är vi gör, besök

Vi håller till utanför Töreboda. Visst distansarbete kan fungera, men du måste kunna vara “på plats” största delen av tiden. Arbetstiden är dock flexibel.

Emaila gärna till

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The Tricopter V3.5

Got some news for you guys! Today the Tricopter V3 has been upgraded to V3.5!
Tricopter Naze32 frame PDB Tricopter Naze32 frame PDB Tricopter Naze32 frame PDB

Some minor changes has been made to the kit such as;

All fiberglass reinforced injection moulded plastic pieces to improve durability and quality. This includes the top and bottom wire holders, front spacer and all of the tilt mechanism piecesInjection moulded tricopter piecesThe V3.5 also have a larger wire dampeners to allow for larger batteries. New maximum recommended battery size is 40mm tall and 60mm wideWireDampenerNewLastly, the kit comes with the new style carbon fiber arms which were announced over a month back. The new arms are even stronger and more square than the previous model.ReallyLongStick3

The main reason for the new V3.5 name is to make it easier for people to find the new build video that is in the works. Since quite a few things have changed since the launch of the V3 a new build video seems appropriate.

The V3.5 has already been shipping out for almost 2 weeks, so if you’ve ordered one in the past fortnight chances are you’ve already received the new kit.

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Rotor DR1 Q&A with Chad and I


October 27th at 2PM EST (11AM PST) (18:00 GMT) Chad Kapper and myself will be answering your questions on Reddit. Got any questions about the Rotor DR1 movie, the rotor universe, how the movie was made or general “drone” questions, jump over to Reddit tomorrow and join the “Ask me anything” thread.

For anyone that missed the release this past Tuesday; Rotor DR1 the movie is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, Hulu and Vimeo.

Update! The chat is now live! Make sure to upvote the room.

Update2 thanks to everyone that showed up!

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New style short arms

Mini Tricopter arm

The new style arms for the mini tricopter has finally arrived! From today all mini tricopter orders will ship out with the new style arms. If you order spare arms and want the old style, leave an order comment and we’ll send the old style arms. Read more about the new style arms here

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Mini Tricopter design files

Mini Tricopter design files

I finally got some time to fix and compile the final design files for the Mini Tricopter.

The files are available in STP and STL format for free on the downloads page.

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Mini Tricopter build video

It’s finally done! Hope this is a good aid in your quest to get in the air, my comrades. Good luck with your build and maiden flight!

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New supplier of (full length) carbon fiber arms

I’ve had some lead time and quality issues with the carbon fiber arms (remember this summer when they were out of stock for a month?) Well it led me to try and find a new, more reliable supplier. I did find one after much searching and last week the first batch of arms arrived! Unfortunately with the release of the mini, I really haven’t had time to post anything about them until now. As the old arms pretty much ran out last week as well, those of you that have ordered the Tricopter v3 recently might get the new arms in your package.

10x10mm carbon fiber boom

With the change of manufacturer we had to make a new mould. So I decided to make the arms more “square” than the old ones. They turned out great with very crisp edges.

As I’m really pleased with the arms, I have ordered this kind of arms for the Mini as well, but it’ll take about a month or so before they get here (I cheated a bit and used the new kind in the build video though). At this time it’s only the full length arms that have changed.

If anyone feels really strongly against the new look on the arms or need to replace only one on an existing tricopter, you can add a message to your order requesting the “old arms”. If you do, the arms that you receive might have some aesthetic defect, such as scratches or blemishes (as the only arms I’ve got left are the second quality sorting). There is however no technical issues with the arms, it’s just esthetics. This option is of course limited in time, when I’ve run out, they will be out for good and only the new kind will be available. You can mix the old and new arms without any problem. They are the same size and everything fits the same. They are simply more square. All new kits sold will be sold with the new style arms.

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Wrong number of screws

I just found out that I made an error when counting the small screws for the mini tricopter.

The pack contains 12 6mm screws when they should contain 14. I’ll be sending out two screws to all orders placed so far.

I’m very sorry about the inconvenience.


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New FPV video – “Norway”


Anders Lindström, my wife Johanna and I decided to take a 10 hour drive to Kjerag mountain in Norway. This was before the fantastic custom firmware made by Lauka, which have made a phenomenal difference to performance. So the video is not as stable as it would be today. We also had problem with jello in the footage due to the sloppiness in the laser cut prototypes. The milled frames in the store doesn’t have this problem.

Pictures and such, click the link below:
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