My acting debut

Episode 4 of Rotor DR1 is here!

I’ve been heavily involved in the creative process of DR1 and so far it’s been exhausting, but extremely gratifying. Making a movie / web-series based on community input and feedback is incredible. There are so many talented people out there and together we can create something powerful and memorable. I’m very grateful to be apart of this.

The FPV footage in the abandoned mall is shot with the tricopter V3. It was such an awesome place to fly FPV. Such a surreal experience flying around in a huge mall with smashed glass and broken things everywhere. I’ll post my own FPV video from there as soon as I’m done with the KK2 setup video and shipping out all the backorders ;)

Thank you to everyone that has given input or feedback in any shape or form, or even just watched the episodes. It’s because of you, and for you that we make this film.

So what did you think of this episode? What do you think about the whole series? Leave a comment and make a difference.

Update: I’m in episode 5 as well:

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First episode of Rotor DR1, and I’m in the U.S.

The first episode of Rotor DR1 is here!

Chad asked if I wanted to come over to the US to visit and help out with a couple episodes. The timing was just perfect as the parts for the tricopter kits wont arrive for for another couple of weeks. So I’m currently in the US until Thursday the 23rd.

So far we’ve been making props and shooting some inserts. I’m actually going to be a character in the show and here is a picture of how I’m going to look:

David The Drone Hunter

The canon is inspired by the Overkill FPV ground station. It’s 2.4GHz helical attached to a nerf gun that Chad painted and weathered. Here is a short behind the scenes video on the RF canon:

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Swedish post update

Hi guys,

Here is a little update on the swedish post shipping

Posten_SverigeWhen the order ships out you will receive a confirmation email from posten. As soon as you receive this email it means that your package has been sorted at the local post office and is on it’s way to you. This email does not contain a tracking number. This is because the tracking number is a “weak” tracking number, meaning that it will only get updated when it’s sorted in Sweden and and won’t update until it is delivered. However I post the tracking number as a customer note on all orders to better keep track of things, as well as making the tracking number available to you. But please don’t freak out if your package doesn’t update from the service station, the package is not stuck, it’s on it’s way. As soon as you receive the email from posten you know you package is on it’s way to you.

Posten offers better tracking options but the shipping cost is much higher, and the delivery time isn’t faster. However if people want a more expensive and more trackable shipping option (Trackable in 46 counties), I can make that available. Prices would be around 10 USD higher for international shipping than the current shipping class.

Thank you all for the great support and feedback on the kits so far! Looking forward to seeing some flight videos!

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Using a mobius on the Tricopter V3

For the people wondering how to mount a mobius on the Tricopter V3 camera tray, here is a very short guide:

Mobius1 Mobius2 Mobius3 Mobius tricopter v3

Happy flying!

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Thank you!


<-My face on the morning after making the shop live.

Thank you to everyone that ordered a Tricopter V3 kit!

I never imagined to sell 200 tricopters in the first 48 hours of opening the shop.  I’m very grateful and freaking out at the same time. The tricopter kits are almost now sold out. I didn’t think that so many people wanted to buy one. I’ve ordered more parts but it will take 2-5 weeks before I get all the stock up again.

I’m currently packing all the orders and unfortunately it’s going to take me a couple of days before I can get the kits out the door now that so many people ordered. Please be patient.

Everyone that ordered a tricopter so far (2014-09-28, 19:00 CET) is going to receive the limited signed edition.

There also seems to be some kind of bug on the webshop at the moment;

For some people, adding a product to to cart works well until you actually click on the “view cart” button. Then you get to an empty cart.

I’m working on the problem, but have yet to find a solution. A workaround is to create or login to an account before adding the items to the cart.

That seems to work for everyone so far.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you all for being awesome!

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Welcome to the store

Ladies and gentlemen, the RCExplorer webshop is now open!

I’m glad to announce that the Tricopter V3 kit as well as all parts for the tricopter are available for purchase.

The first 200 Tricopter kit orders will receive the limited edition signed version of the tricopter frame.RCExplorer Tricopter V3 - now for sale

Tricopter V3 parts

3D printed tricopter tail mechanism 2Again thank you guys for all the support. It means a lot to me. I hope you will enjoy flying the tricopter as much as I have through these years.

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Tricopter V3 build video

Here is the mammoth 1 hour and 24 minute long build video for the Tricopter V3.

You will find all the materials needed as well as the recommended electronics on the product page

Video Index:
00:00:25 – Camera Plate
00:04:30 – Front arms – Mounting motors, soldering ESCs…
00:25:10 – Tilt mechanism
00:33:36 – Tilt mechanism – Attached servo horn version
00:43:30 – Back arm – Extending servo wire, mounting ESC…
00:47:40 – Current distribution and telemetry voltage
00:50:00 – Mounting the camera tray and arms
01:03:43 – Mounting the Flight controller and receiver
01:09:30 – Mounting the FPV transmitter
01:15:25 – Balancing propellers
01:19:47 – Motor bad bearings fix
01:21:10 – Center of gravity
01:22:00 – Beauty shots and flight video

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Rotor DR1 – a community collaborated Sci-Fi episodic series

My good friend Chad Kapper, the creator of FliteTest, has been working hard on a new project; A community collaborated Sci-Fi episodic series called Rotor DR1, that takes place in a post apocalyptic world full of drones.


“The story takes place in the not-too-distant future after some cataclysmic event has occurred. There is no government, half the world’s people are dead or missing and the sky is full of autonomous drones. Rotor DR1 follows a 16-year-old boy trying to survive in this world, who sets out to find his father, joined by his drone companion.”

They have already managed to create a concept trailer:

What makes this project unique is that the story is shaped by the community! People give their ideas on small things to large plot points and the guys take that feedback and creates the episodes.

“The idea behind community collaboration is that the audience has just as much input and influence over the content as do the people producing it. Rather than us making all the decisions and developing the story internally, community collaboration lets us bring your ideas and suggestions into the content as we create it.”

The collaboration started as a forum post and has now grown into their own website.

“Rotor DR1 will be released in segments, starting with the concept trailer. We will evaluate audience feedback from the the trailer, then create the first episode influenced by that feedback. Our plan is to have 8-10 minute episodes, with every episode revised and shaped according to the input from our audience.”

Now the guys want your input on the upcoming episodes!

So make sure you head over to and make a comment (tell the guys I say Hi)

ps. here is a behind the scenes video

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I’m going to the Hobbyking UK fly-in, anyone else coming?

Update: Thank you all for a great event! And even bigger thank you to everyone that drove out just to meet me. Thank you.

I had a great time talking to you guys and flying your stuff. The UK is a fantastic country. People are very friendly. However the roads are terrifying in the countryside. Feels like your in a rally with all the tall hedges and only room for 1 car.

However I did survive and I got to ride in the YAK-52, which was absolutely amazing. Thanks to Nigel the pilot that took me up and let me pilot the plane for a couple of minutes before doing all the crazy aerobatics. Good thing I didn’t eat before.

Thanks to Hobbyking for a great event with good entertainment and free food! Hope to go again next year.

I’ll be going to the Hobbyking Fly-in on the 6th of September. I’ll be bringing the new Tricopter V3. Anyone that wants to try it is very welcome to fly it. Anyone here going?


More info on the event can be found here

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The Tricopter V3! Coming soon…

It’s finally here! Well almost. The Tricopter V3 is coming very soon.

Designed to be as light as possible without compromising strength or stiffness the Tricopter V3 only weighs 205 grams including arms, tilt mechanism, motor mounts, screws, landing gear and vibration dampened camera mount! Yet it’s stiffer and more precise than previous versions. The kit will be available for sale here on the site shortly. But as usual all plans and files will be available for free so you can make the parts yourself.

RCExplorer Tricopter V3.0

10x10mm carbon fiber arm

Tired of the how easily extruded carbon fiber booms crack and loose their torsion strength, I set out to find a better alternative. Many, many hours of searching I found a factory that could make 10x10mm carbon fiber square tubes to the specifications I was looking for. These woven carbon fiber square tube arms are incredible stiff, strong and lightweight. The torsion (twisting) strength is unparalleled which results in a crisp and precise flying experience, even with high power setups. Unlike extruded carbon fiber arms, these arm can take abuse without cracking. They are also 33-40% lighter, have more room inside to run wires and are stiffer in all aspects. The kit will include 3 arms with predrilled 3mm holes, so you don’t have to drill it yourself. 3D printed tricopter tail mechanism 2

The new design features 3D printed parts, as they are can be made lighter, have more complex shapes and are cheaper to make than injection moulded parts. They are also much easier to share. If you don’t want to buy it, simply download the STL and print it yourself.

RCExplorer tricopter V3.0

The Tricopter V3 is designed to be easy to build and repair. The landing gear and tilt mechanism is held on using zip-ties, just like in previous versions. These zip-ties acts as “mechanical fuses”, absorbing energy and protecting important pieces in a crash.RCExplorer Tricopter V3.0

Included in the kit is also a vibration dampening camera/battery tray. The tray is suspended underneath the main body using 4 1.5mm thick curved shaped pieces of piano wire.

tricopter wire dampeners

The wire comes pre-bent (which saves a ton of time and frustration). This vibration dampening system was created specifically for the large flight envelope of the tricopter. The vibrations created by the motors and props spinning only has one way of reaching the camera, and that is down through the thin curved shaped wires. Since the camera plate is stiff, the whole camera tray has to vibrate for the camera to vibrate. With the heavy battery and camera mounted on the tray, a lot of energy is needed to get it moving. The thin and stiff piano wire has a high resonance frequency and low frequency vibrations will have a hard time to travel down to the camera plate. The small  amount of high frequency vibrations that does make it down has so little energy that they are easily absorbed by the heavy battery and camera. Resulting in buttery smooth footage. The main benefit of this system compared to many soft vibration dampening solutions, is that it doesn’t move or wiggle during fast forward flight or quick change of direction. This system you can whip around like a maniac and still get perfect video.

Folding tricopter

Just like the previous tricopter versions, this design is also foldable. This makes transportation easier, but it also help prevent damage in a crash. The arms simply fold back and absorb some of the energy. The arms are held in place by friction, which means that you don’t have to use a tool to fold or unfold, simply grab the arm and push or pull it.

3D printed tricopter tilt mechanism

The new all 3D printed tilt mechanism for tricopters. Designed to be as simple, precise, light, durable and with as little air resistance as possible. It has over 130° of throw yet only weighs  8.7 grams. Printed in black ABS plastic for maximum durability. The tilt mechanism will be available in the tricopter kit, as well as sold separately. The STL file will be available to download for free so that you can print your own at home.

RCExplorer Tricopter V3.0

A build video with step by step instructions along with a detailed build log is also in the making and will be posted around the same time as the kit. STL and DXF files along with list of recommended electronics will aslo be posted at that time.

But what about the price?

The kit containing:

  • 3 pre-drilled woven carbon fiber arms
  • Tricopter frame
  • Vibration dampening Camera/battery tray
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Landing gear
  • FPV transmitter holder
  • Motor mounts
  • GoPro velcro strap
  • Battery strap
  • Fron spacer
  • Zip-ties
  • Screws

Will be:


So when will it be available?

Early to mid September, if everything goes to plan.

Thank you very much for your patience and support.

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New Video! – “High and Low”

Fellow RC fanatics, may I present my latest FPV video – “High and Low”

Every time I fly the Tricopter I fall in love with it over again. I’m currently working hard on making an affordable and high performance tricopter kit available to you awesome guys. Keep an eye out for that. Hopefully in a few weeks if everything goes to plan.

I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I did making it.

RCexplorer V2.6hv delux tricopter

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Back in Sweden

I’m finally back in Sweden after 18 months in the US.

I’m currently working hard on the new house my wife bought while I was in the states. The house needed a lot of TLC (tender love and care) but hopefully we will be able to move in within 2 or 3 weeks.

A lot of people have been asking for the Tricopter bodies and I will start selling them again as soon as I can get the machines into the new house, which should be within 3 weeks.


Thank you so much for your patience and above all your support! I have a great many ideas for projects and videos coming up, so stayed tuned!


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“FPV to Space and back” on TV

The Discovery Channel show “Outrageous acts of Science” made an episode on the Space mission i did last year!

If you look closely, you might recognize the friend that’s driving the car in their cartoon.

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18 months in the US from a Swedes perspective

In a few hours I’m jumping on the plane back to Sweden. It ‘s been a great experience living and working in the US for 18 months, but there are some cultural differences and things I as a Scandinavian find funny,weird or just different.american flag

Here are some of them:

Flags everywhere.

School busses actually look like they do in movies

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EDF Afterburner Build log

A while back I built a EDF Afterburner for a FliteTest episode. I though I’d post the build log for you guys to enjoy


Click here to read the very extensive and picture intensive build log

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