EDF Afterburner Build log

A while back I built a EDF Afterburner for a FliteTest episode. I though I’d post the build log for you guys to enjoy


Click here to read the very extensive and picture intensive build log

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JA37 Viggen – Hot Wire cut 70mm EDF

A while back I built this  70mm EDF SAAB JA37 Viggen for an episode of FliteTest. I finally go around to posting the complete build log here

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New video! – Smoke on the Water

I shot this video at one of the largest RC events in the world, Joe Nall.

Continue reading

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Tricopter DXF

A lot of people have been asking for the DXF file of the tricopter body.

Your wish is my command. Here is an updated PDF file:

Tricopter dxf

Tricopter pdf plans

And here is the DXF file:

Tricopter DXF file (right click and save as)

(For personal use only, not for commercial use)

Now go out there and make some awesome tricopter videos!

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Long range system shoot out

We had IBcrazy visit Flitetest to share his long range system shootout.

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My Joe Nall 2013 experience

I was fortunate enough to attend one of the largest RC events in the world. Together with Josh Bixler we set out on an epic journey.

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The Bird of time glider review

In this episode of FliteTest I give my views on the classic Bird of time

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Hotwire cutting tips

In this video I teach Josh Bixler how to cut advanced shapes with the hotwire cutter

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The JA-37 Viggen Scratch build

After many, many hours of building my latest creation is finally alive!

Based on the design of Johan Hansson’s (original build article HERE!.) It’s made from 4″ thick bluecor foam, which I hotwire cut by hand

Powered by a 10 blade ChangeSun 70mm fan it is a rocket in the air

Check out the video where Josh and Josh review and fly it:


Here is a link to the complete build log of the Viggen, along with plans fo the formers:


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New FPV video: X8 above the clouds

After reviewing the X8 on flitetest I went out and got some FPV footage one evening. Here is the result:

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Tricopter build video

Hi guys! I recorded a Tricopter V2.6HV Build video for Flitetest. In this build I use 1/2 inch (12mm) booms on the original tricopter body, and I show how to compensate the geometry for that.

I also show how to build the vibration dampening system. So check it out:

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Backstory on the space mission

In this video I talk more about the back story of the space mission:

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Tricopter vs Quadcopter

In this Q&A Josh and I discuss the difference in flying a tricopter and a quadcopter

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EDF Afterburner

Check out my latest crazy build on the latest FliteTest episode:

A full build log of the EDF Afterburner can be found here

Watch the extended episode for more info as well:

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Tricopter frames now on FliteTest

The tricopter frames I make have now found a new home.

I will now be selling them through the Flite Test webshop instead of here.

What this will mean for you as a costumer is lower price and much faster handling time. Which means that you will get your frame much quicker.

Also the top frame now has my signature laser etched into it!

I would like to thank all of you that have bought or is buying a frame from me. Without your support I wouldn’t have been able to experiment or make projects. It is you that makes me able to do what I do and share it with you.

Tricopter frames on the Flite Test webshop


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