Aerial Grand Prix in Austria

I will be attending the European Aerial Grand Prix in Austria from the 19th to the 21st of June! I will be bringing some prototypes of a new copter that might make it into a race. Anyone else coming to this awesome event?image

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Introducing the Naze32 Tricopter frame!

It’s finally ready! Are you ready for a sleeker look, less cables, better crash resistance and more space? Than this might just be the thing for you.
Naze32 Tricopter frame


When I first tried out the Naze32 board I wasen’t at all impressed with the yaw servo performance. It felt like an evil wet eel had control over it no matter what PID settings. So I contacted Stephen Amor, also known as Steveis (yes the guy that improved the KK2 firmware), together we set out to exorcise the possessed eel and get the board to perform as well as we knew the board was capable of. Now, finally, the code is ready and the Naze32 equipped tricopter flies like a dream! (The code is available on the product page, it works both on the integrated version and the standalone Naze32 boards.)

Naze32 Tricopter frame


Now I know how frustrating and time-consuming moving over to a new type of flight controller can be, so I made things as easy as I possible could for you guys. Almost all the settings are already made for you. All you have to do is follow this guide and you will be up in the air in no time, with a minimal amount of frustration;

Lastly I would just like to thank you all for supporting what I do. Without you guys, non of this would be possible, so sincerely, thank you.

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New stuff in the store!

Lots of stuff is going on behind the scenes. I’m trying to making things work more efficiently and smoother so that I can free up some time for other things (like making videos).

Hopefully it’s not going to be that long before I can start making fun projects again.

In the meantime the store has gotten a huge backend update, which shouldn’t be noticeable to customers (hopefully, if everything went right). There might be some slight CSS errors that I’ll have taken care of in the upcoming week hopefully.

So now on to the new stuff!

Tricopter power distribution
The biggest update is the Power Distribution tricopter frame, which makes the wiring much easier and cleaner when building the tricopter. It’s way overbuild, as usual. I tested it at 8S running 100 amps through the longest distance pads whiteout any noticeable voltage drop or the board getting warm, so it’s waaaaaay overbuild for anything a tricopter is going to pull on each pad.

Tricopter power distribution
The power distribution board is also available with a built in 5V linear BEC for supplying über clean power to the flight controller and servo.

Injection moulded Tilt top
Next new thing is an upgrade of the top piece of the tilt mechanism. From the depths of Mordor, forged in the fires of Mt. Doom, this tilt top is cast from fiberglass reinforced black nylon. Making the tilt almost indestructible.

On request the top piece is also available separately, also the 3D printed version is also available separately.

Also on request is the new Tricopter frame that now has a hole for servo/signal wires in the centre to make wiring cleaner and safer.

Tricopter V3 Kit
The tricopter kit will now come with both the new tricopter frame and the new injection moulded tilt mechanism (and the new black hex screws and black lock nuts)!

The Blue Bird – BMS-210MH servo is finally back in stock as well.

Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate you guys giving feedback and writing on the page and forums. I try and keep up as well as I can and I hope to be able to give back to the community more in the future.

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New screws and tricopter back in stock

Tricopter Screw Pack

After a very lengthy search I have finally found a source for both 18 and 20mm black button head stainless steel M3 screws. I also managed to get a hold of black M3 stainless nylon lock nuts as well, making the tricopter look very pimp.

The screws are much stronger than the old philips screws. They have a temper rating of 10.9 and have 2mm hex heads that are very low profile. Only downside is that they are more expensive than the old screws so I had to bump up the price of the individual screw packs a bit. The Tricopter kit price however stays the same.

MiniTri1 MiniTri2

Since the screws showed up one day early the back ordered tricopters will start shipping out tomorrow instead of monday!

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Problem with emails sent through the contact form!

If you sent an email via the contact form on the about me page the past 3 weeks,

I have not received your email!

I’m very sorry about this! I did not mean to ignore your email, I simply did not receive it.

Please resend your email through the contact form or directly at

Again, sorry about the mixup. It’s all been fixed now, but unfortunately I cannot retrieve the misrouted emails.

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Meeting – Arenan i Skövde, March 7th


This Saturday, March 7th, Skövde modellflygklubb is hosting their annual indoor flying event. It starts at 10:00 and ends at 17:00. I’ll be going to hangout and fly for a bit, and maybe find a cool model to buy.

Anyone else coming?

More info about the event (In swedish)

Map to the event

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New video! – “The Mall”

Filmed during the Rotor DR1 shoot at Rolling Acres mall in Ohio, USA
Link to the episode in which the footage was used.

The Rolling Acres mall closed down in 2008. It is a really creepy place. It’s huge and empty. Every single piece of glass is broken. The glass sky lights were broken and water was dripping on the floor with an echoey splash. It was absolutely awesome! Someone in the Rotor DR1 community knew the owners and arranged that we could shoot there. Naturally I had to bring the tricopter.

Reception was surpassingly good considering I was using 5.8Ghz. Probably because there weren’t a single electrical device in or even a power-grid nearby. I broke a total of 8 props during the day and flew a total of 8 batteries. I lost all 3 landing gear during the day (couldn’t find them) due to low flying and scraping the floor.
Continue reading

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Migration to new host

The site has now moved to a new and more powerful server. Hopefully the site will run a little smoother from now on. There might be some bugs left laying around, if you find one please leave a comment or send an email through the contact from on the about me page.

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New product, new shipping…

Things have been really busy over here lately. You guys have been ordering like crazy, thank you for that! I have some new things in the works that I’m not quite ready to announce just yet, but they are coming. I’m also trying to squeeze in editing a video, which I hope to have ready soon as well.

Since people have been asking for it, the store now has an insured and (to some countries) trackable shipping option. The standard non-insured option is still available. A list of the trackable countries and more info on the different shipping options is available here.

Hobbyking seems to have trouble stocking the TGY-210DHM and the high quality BMS-210DHM is nearly impossible to find online for some reason. So to make things a bit easier I for people to get this excellent servo, I decided to buy a small batch of 100 units. Check it out in the store here.


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Tricopters back in stock!

Just a quick update that the tricopter V3 kit now is back in stock!

RCExplorer Tricopter V3 kit

Ooo also, today I sent out the 1000th order, that kit contains a little something extra. Thanks to everyone for the awesome support!

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