The Always in the Trunk Wing (AitT)

I had the electronics for a fast ~300 grams model lying around so I decided to venture in to the land of Hot-wire cutting.

The model I had in mind to start with was something like the ST-Model Typhoon 430 and just by chance my friend happened to have one.

I took the measurements of his model and printed out a Zagi-10 wing profile and made a template of do it yourself printed circuit board glass fiber.

Since I’m making flying wings with a sweep I made my setup with a pivot at one end so that I only need one template and can operate it by myself.

The wire I use is 0,4 mm “Nikrothal 80” and to power it I use a CV/CC adjustable 5A Power-supply.
I run it in CC (Constant Current) mode at about 1,7-1,9A for this type of foam.

The cut is very smooth and takes about 1-2 minutes depending on the current used.

I made the fist of cheep expanded polystyrene foam S80 (EPS).

Build up. 3mm Depron as control surfaces and winglets.

No carbon fiber in this first model.

This is the stuff I had laying around:
Motor: Fiago 20*40 ~3223kv
30A Jeti ESC
2s 1000mAh Li-po
Esky 9g servos
4,5*4 Prop

Maiden flight!

It flies! And it flies good too!
Very fast and snappish despite the sloppy foam and lack of carbon fiber.

A new AitT is born!

My old AitT has now retired after a work related accident involving the ground.

This is going to be its successor:

This one is made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) witch is a much stiffer foam.

This time its carbon fiber all the way.

Even the winglets get some carbon fiber.

Night flight AitT!

Yep your read right! The AitT V.2 is a Night Flyer!
And more, it flies great!
The difference is easily noticeable compared to the old AitT.

I have also changed the prop to a 4,75*4,75, changed the servos to a pair of Multiplex Nano-S and changed to a 25-35C battery.

This is not a model you fly with your mind on the dinner and I like that.
Unlimited vertical is nice too.

The Glowire that I use on the front is from a PC-modders kit and the top and bottom ones are from hobbycity.

I personally have no trouble with orientation flying at night, in fact I sometimes find it easier that flying at day.

Brian at RCFlightcast wanted to see what speed I used when cutting out my wing cores so I made him a short youtube video