HD Camera – Bad news

I have to admit defeat. I can’t get my modified HD camera to work with a remote camera head. I’ve been struggling with it for over 10 hours without any successes.

This is how it looked after I mounted the ribbon cables. I measured all the connections, but I got no picture. So I started trowing everything I could at it…

The first thing I tried was to wrap the cable in a copper foil that then connected to ground. – No picture.

I then tried shortening the ribbon cable to half the length, still wrapped in the grounded copper foil. – No picture.

Tried shortening it to 1/4 of the original length. – Picture! But an unusable one. A lot of static the picture kept cutting out. The cable was now so short that it was unpractical. It was stiff and couldn’t be used for pan/tilt.

So I decided to remove the ribbon cable and solder individual cables by hand. I started with 15 cm cables. A lot of fiddling and time later – Picture! But an unusable one once again, lots of static and cutting out.

I desoldered the cables and shortened them to the shortest distance I thought it would be possible to have a working pan/tilt, which was about 8 cm. – I got picture but it still kept cutting out occasionally. Time to give up…

I decided to put the original connectors back on. I though that a working but bulky HD camera is better than a non working one.

10 hours, 360 solder points and 180 measurements later I was back where I started.

This camera seems to be very sensitive to impedance differences. Oh well, I’ll have to do with a bulky HD camera for now.

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