I give to you, “Proximity Sunset”

The long awaited video from the Tricopter 2.6HV platform is finally ready for you to enjoy!

I love how the V2.6HV flies. It’s nimble, precise and responsive. It tracks phenomenally well and is a blast to fly. One of it’s party pieces is definitely the vertical dives which is so much fun.

The video was shot with a GoPro2, the video link is a 300mW 1.3Ghz transmitter from Readymaderc.com with a OMM optimized pinwheel antenna, the receiver is a the new 1258mHz compatible receiver they also sell. The receiver antenna is a 3 turn helical. A build log of the new overkill ground station is on its way. So sit tight!

No post stabilization was used in this video. (so please stop asking which one I use)

What did you guys think of the editing? And what did you think of the flights?

28 thoughts on “I give to you, “Proximity Sunset”

  1. You always do great videos. One of the main reasons I visit the site. Always look forward to you new flight videos. The video editing is great no complaints here.

  2. I like very much the editing, the song is perfect!
    Also the flights were very good, I have some difficulties to fly in fpv with mine tricopter (of course a 2.5 😉 It’s hard to understand how high are you!

  3. Hi David.

    Are you going to get the HERO3? If so, would you so do a video comparison between the HERO2 and HERO3, to see how the video quality is? 🙂

    • Wow, this is amazing. I mean, for me this is better than any TBS video. You´re not trying to beat any records just having fun and even sharing your stuff with all of us. And that´s what this hobby is all about.
      I want to build this Tricopter 2.6HV more than ever.

  4. Great job, David!! Your videos are always flawless!! I was just wondering what the farmer was harvesting?? I’ve never seen a setup like that!! I may try to video my cousin’s combine this fall!! Thanks for all the info and inspiration!!!

  5. Hi David. Your videos inspire me. I hope to fly 1/10th of what you do and I would be happy. Looking forward to you moving here!! Started my 2.6HV build.

  6. Really good stuff Dave! You totally got me hooked on rc multicopters! made the Tri 2.5 with KK2 still waiting to take off..are you going to try the kk2? maybe you could post a few ideas for settigs… 🙂

  7. Can I buy a complete in everyway set from you David? Jag bor nämligen i Stockholm och har sett hur din fpv helicopter har modifierats bit för bit och skulle gärna vilja beställa en just sån som du har byggt om jag först då visste vad du skulle ta för det, pris?

    Med vänlig hälsning Oscar H

  8. Dear Dave,
    Congrats for the new phase in your life at USA. This king of international assignment always make us stronger and more focused.
    As always your videos are very well done and really I am waiting to see the new Ground Station. I really need to get a final solution for me and you always have a very good asnwer for that.
    Good look in USA.

  9. Hello David,

    I am newbie idea of riding one but I need your help, I’m in Brazil my friend showed me your link ….

    as the presentation fantastica … excellente quality professional


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