Backordered products

We do not split orders into more than one shipment. Therefore, if your order contains any item that is marked “Backordered”, the entire order will be held back until everything is in stock again. If you wish for the items that are in stock to be sent before the backordered items, you should make two separate orders instead.

When you place an order that contains any products that are “backordered”, the same rule applies as with any other order: as long as the order has not already been shipped, you may cancel the entire order with full refund of your purchase, or make other changes by contacting us (read more about the process of cancelling an order here and making changes here).

If a product is marked as “On backorder” it means that we don’t currently have any in stock. The status “On backorder” may stay for only a few days, or for a very long time, depending if there is a problem at our manufacturers or if everything runs smoothly and the item is already on its way to us when the stock runs out. In some cases your order may be completed immediately, even though you ordered something that was supposedly on “backorder”, as we usually keep a few extra items that are not counted into the stock. We don’t usually give any expected time for when the item might be back in stock, as we have found it very difficult to do this with any accuracy until our manufacturers have actually shipped the items (and even then, we may want to inspect the product before changing the status), and we don’t want to cause disappointment. If an item has been on backorder for a long time, we usually advertise in the blog when it has arrived in stock again.

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