How long is the expected shipping time?

The same day that your order is marked “Complete”, your parcel will be shipped out by PostNord. How long you have to wait after that will of course depend on where in the world you live (and if there are any local holidays and such). Unfortunately, PostNord does not have an English “Search for delivery times for letter”-page, but if you follow these instructions, you should be able to navigate the Swedish:

  1. Click here to start the process.
  2. At “Till vilket land?” you should choose “Europa” if you live in Europe, otherwise choose “Övriga världen”
  3. Now try to find your country in the menu below. If you can’t find your country, use Google translate or something similar to find out what your country is called in Swedish (e.g. the United Kingdom/Great Britain is called “Storbritannien” and Germany is called “Tyskland”).
  4. Mark the box next to “Brev” and “Leveranstider för avtalskunder”
  5. Click “Visa resultat”
  6. Read the results for “1:a-klassbrev”. Glossary: “arbetsdagar” means business days. If this is followed by “med undantag för vissa orter”, it means that to some (remote/isolated) places in this country, the estimated delivery time is longer. Please note that this estimated delivery time does not include time your order might be waiting to be processed in customs, but just the normal, “everything works smoothly”, delivery time.

Some examples of normal delivery times according to PostNord:

USA: 4-6 business days

Germany: 2-3 business days, some exceptions

United Kingdom: 2-3 business days

Australia: 6-7 business days

The above is the estimated normal delivery time once your order has been marked “Complete”, that is, after it has been shipped from our facilities. Delivery within this time is NOT guaranteed.

Provided that your products are all in stock and we are not experiencing unusually high order volumes the package will be sent within 0-6 business days. During holidays, or if we’re experiencing unusually high order volumes, it may take longer to process your order. One thing that may delay your order being packaged and shipped is if you have contacted us with questions/requests concerning your order, or if you have left a “Customer note” with your order. Shipping may then be delayed until the issues are resolved.

If you have an item that is on “Backorder” among your products, your entire order will be held back until all items are in stock. Read more about “Backorder” here.

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