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    This weekend I was out FPV flying my old Tricopter V2.6 HV-style copter and experienced a loss of radio signal between my Tx with OrangeRX DSMX module, and my LemonRx DSMX Diversity receiver. The crash wasn’t completely catastrophic, but my LiPo did catch on fire (luckily was able to remove it from the copter before it really got going!)

    When the receiver blackout happened I was sitting on the ground with my transmitter and the copter was behind me about 75m away and about 20m high. There was also another person standing behind me who may have also been between me and my radio signal.

    So my question here is if the community thinks that the situation I’ve described here should have caused a radio blackout or not? I’ve heard that 2.4GHz doesn’t have great penetration, but two bodies and only 75m range seems a little weak to me. My main rx antennas on the copter are mounted up high and at 45 degrees to each other, and I also have a LemonRx Satellite receiver on-board.

    What do you guys think? It just seems like the guys on youtube (Charpu, Mr. Steele, etc.) can fly through buildings and do circuits around houses (aka metal and brick walls between them and their copters) without getting their signal locked out. I’m thinking of moving to an FrSky radio setup and hoping to get a more robust link.


    I’m personally using the Orange Module on my Taranis only for indoor Quads (tiny Woop).
    Could be that it’s causing the trouble. But it only a guess


    Robust link is the reason they fly FrSky (even though some like Chad admit that they hate everything else about the Taranis). That said, UmmaGawd, Freybott, Skitzo, and I’m sure lots of others fly Spektrum, so there must be a combination that works. I had similar issues to you with LemonRX receivers, less so with OrangeRX receivers but still some (using a DX9 transmitter). I’d like to try the new(ish) race receiver that Spektrum makes now that they finally accept they need something other than PWM receivers, especially since it has dropped to $25 (which is reasonable; $50 for basically a satellite module is not) and see if I have better luck. Like you said, obviously it’s working for those guys…


    There is more to the Taranis than just the robust radio link, its the telemetry that gives you the RSSI feedback from the receiver, having a warning before you lose the link is the reason I switched from using the Orange receivers, I only use these on my smaller aircraft now

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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