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    Hi everybody,

    just a quick one for the archives (in case anybody runs in this as well):

    The optimal frequency for the recommended “Blue Bird – BMS-210DMH Servo” is NOT 330Hz as previously mentioned by David. According to the official data sheet it’s 250Hz (compare: http://www.blue-bird-model.com/all%20servo%20of%20frequency.html). David kindly agreed on this one (see the review section of the new Naze-plate: http://rcexplorer.se/product/naze32-tri-frame/).

    So now on to the point of this post: In Open Pilot you can only set 270 or 333Hz in the interface! No 250Hz possible in the GUI.

    Here’s the fix: Instead of using the GUI, use the “System” button on the bottom and go this way…

    System –> Settings –> Actuator Settings –> BankUpdateFreq –> Here you doubleclick the [2] field and enter 250 –> Save (red arrow icon). DONE!

    The new entry even appears in the GUI now after disconnecting and reconnecting.

    Take care & happy flying! Can’t wait to try the integrated Naze… my very first one.


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