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    Just received an answer from Aerial Grand Prix regarding the transmitters and classification of tricopters:

    Aerial GP Europe – FPV Multirotor Racing At our races we just using The ImmersionRc, fatshark or tbs 25mw vtx. We have bad experience with boscam

    Aerial GP Europe – FPV Multirotor Racing Hi Terje, a tricopter IS classified same as a quadcopter the longest distance mtm. You are right this IS the reason why not that much people Are Racing with a tricopter.

    So the challenge is now to come up with a beast of a 330 class tricopter and a 250 sized tricopter that can compete against the 250 sized quads…

    In the long run I hope @David will influence AGP to either rethink the classification – or run a tricopter class race as well.


    I just measured my mini, and the longest distance is 260mm I’m running 6 inch props and I’m sure I could squeeze it down to 250mm if I wanted, though it would be tight tolerances.


    Yeah the rules are definitely not tricopter friendly. In my opinion it should be limited to total disk area and number of cells. I have no clue why they would limit it to 250 as max size as there wouldn’t be much of a difference to have it be 260mm.

    With the current rules you can race a hexacopter running 5 inch blades and 3S still be within the rules. Maybe that is the route to go 😀 A Y6 copter! 😀 I might try that for the next race 😀


    Actually i would like to see a Y6 mini. Lol You wouldn’t catch that in your hand!


    I have 2 concerns regarding mini y6: efficiency (hex will be more efficient even with smaller discs) and landing gear placement. Any solutions to these I might be missing?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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