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    Howdy fellow RCExplorers!

    I was playing around with my tricopter pulsing the motors and stuff without my props on and I seem to have damaged one of my ESCs / motors. This is the first problem like this I’ve had and I’ve logged several flight hours on this setup.

    Here’s a clip of what’s going on:

    The ESC calibrates and arms normally and I also flashed updated firmware successfully since the problem occurred. That being said, I don’t feel like it’s a bad signal wire. The motor also seems fine and turns freely just like the others. When attempting to run, neither the motor nor the ESC gets hot. Immediately prior to when the problem started, I didn’t observe any strange behavior (no smoke, no excessive heat).

    Any ideas about what this could be? I’m wondering if I should order a new ESC, or motor, or both!

    Thank you.


    I did some investigation and it turns out that the problem appears to have been a broken solder joint where the enameled winding wire is spliced onto the flexible wire that exits the motor housing.

    I identified the problem by running the motor at a low RPM and gently pulling on each of the three motor wires. With one of the wires it was clear that pushing in on the wire would cause the motor to spin normally, whereas pulling would cause it to twitch and freak out. After taking apart the motor and removing the heatshrink the bad wire fell off (indicating that the splice had totally failed).

    I added some fresh solder and re-did the joint and it seems pretty solid for now. All is back together and running normally.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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