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    Dear all,

    Another Baby Tricopter is born. This is my first tricopter build and I have a few addendums to the build guide for complete Tricopter novices such as I.

    1. The Kakute F4 V2 stack is not being used in the Baby Tricopter build videos I could find. Use Windestal great video on the LR tricopter build to get your stack set up: Direct link

    2. For the actual build, I mostly used Windestal’s build video: Direct link

    3. Í had to do some changes relative to the dRonin setup video. The video can be accessed here: Direct link There are some things I had to do different though. These are:

    On my first hover test it spun franticly around its yaw axis. This was caused from the fact that I had to reverse my servo direction. Do that under the Output pane in dRonin if you experience the same.

    While we are talking about the servo, I noticed when I had to set up the TailTune flight mode, that this mode was not present in dRonin. It has since Windestal’s video been renamed to ServoCal. Use this flight mode over TailTune.

    On my second hover test, I had high frequency wobbles or oscillations as soon as I took off. The tricopter decided to torpedo a bench and I had to put it back together again. Fortunately nothing broke but nylon screws, zip ties and stand-offs. I did though have to re-affix the tail assembly. I had to do some manual PID tuning to achieve stable hover.

      Roll and pitch

    P 8
    I 8
    D 0


    P 15
    I 15
    D 0

    From here I could retain the tricopter in a nice stable hover and complete the auto- and tail tunes.

    Now it’s one happy little tricopter. Cheers all, and a big thank you to all of you whom has answered my previous posts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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