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    Hey guys, I finally got my Baby Tricopter in the air to try auto-tune. Arms just fine, but as soon as it’s airborne it spins like a blender. Without props the motors spin up evenly and all. What could be wrong?
    Kakute F4 v2
    Dronin, followed the video



    When in-flight the Servo should Tilt to its right to counteract motor torque. When the copter spins little bit, its possible that your yaw PID settings are not strong enough. If it spins allot, the Servo output maybe backwards. In that case, within dRonin motors tab, you’ll need to “flip” the Servo’s direction.

    Note: Keep Yaw D at Zero

    Next make sure that the RC yaw (stick input) causes the Servo to face the correct direction during bench testing. (No props) After that go fly bit, lift off quickly to maybe 1-2 meters and attempt to hover. If everything goes right the copter will stablize quickly. Otherwise at only a meter or so up, the crash landing should be painless. (over grass)



    That sounds right…if the servo was reversed the spin would only increase, which it did. I’ll try it next weekend.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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