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    Hello Everyone,

    someone uses Kakute F4 v2 in babytricopter?
    I have a few problem.. 🙁 In Betaflight no tail tune mode, and I can’t set the servo, the Baby is spin only. 🙁 Motors and servo is working well. 🙁
    I try the dRonin , but this is no see the servo. Motors are working well, but the servo is not 🙁
    Any idea or working example? 😀



    You have the non-Triflight version of Betaflight.
    Do a Google for Triflight and GitHub for the DL location.


    For dRonin, I’ve attached sceenshots of what your vehicle and output tab setups should look like. Notes:

    1)For the servo, the min/neutral/max values will need to be adjusted accordingly for 50/90/130 degree servo positions
    2)You may be using a different ESC protocol and have to set that up accordingly
    3)The motors must be soldered left/right/rear to M1/M2/M3 respectively, the servo must be soldered to LED

    I have a mini tri and baby tri awaiting KakuteF4V2 installation. Will post details when I get there.


    Previously I used triflight for the old controller (rc3explorer). It worked very well. But as I can see there is no .hex file for the new controller (https://github.com/lkaino/Triflight/releases) , it is only for the Kakute F4 fc, not Kakute F4 V2. Or would that work properly? I did not try… yet. 🙂


    Oooops. It’s working well with Triflight 0.7 beta 3 Kakute F4 … Only the motors had to be remapping. 🙂

    In dRonin set the servo (2200 us / 1700 / 1200) and working , too. 🙂

    Thanks for the help Kevin_Erik, jihlein !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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