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    hello, first time I’ve posted here. I have a couple of questions to ask and I was hoping some one here could help me. I’ve got a scratch built David W. style tri-copter that I’ve been flying for about a year now. it’s been through several bad crashes and I’ve rebuilt it a couple of times. had another bad crash today. I’ve been using the same kk2 board all along and I’ve been thinking since I’ve got it apart I would change it out to something else. really it hasn’t been flying right since the last time I rebuilt/repaired it. it seems to just dip and take off in random directions, it’s like I’m chasing it with the controls instead of flying it, if that makes sense. I have a spare kk2 board I can use but I was really curious about some of the other FC’s out there. my tri-copter flying skills aren’t the best, I’m probably better then a beginner but no where near an expert. with the kk2 board I’ve hit a level that I just can’t seem to get past and I was wondering if some of the other boards might be more “user friendly”. thanks in advance for any help or opinions


    Hi @Randy. If you have followed this forum lately, you should have noticed that the momentum has shifted far away from the KK board the last years. Now it is the STM32 F3 based boards that are in the business and then especially the ones David has created. I have never been on the KK board, but started my first TriCopter on a APM2.6 clone. Now I have one RCExplorer F3FC in my mini TriCopter and one SPRacing F3 clone in my V3 Tricopter. That is, my V3 is more like a V4, as I have upgraded it to RCExplorer V4 Electronics kit.

    Why go for the F3 based FCs? Well, there is just more fresh SW awailable for these ones, especially @lkaino’s TriFlight is doing wonders on the tricopter and with his additions to the iNav fork I am sure those with GPS needs get better support as well.


    Hello Randy,
    it is good to hear someone is still using the good old kk Board for trikopter. The new stuff seems to be quite good as well, but much more complicated and more expensive. Therefore i came back from Naze boards and fly my 2.5 style- DIY – just for fun – Tri. with a KK2 board again.
    My experiance tells , if the KK-Tri. flys bad after a crash, you must check a few things:
    – is the tilt Servo and the linkages to the rear motor OK. I had worn out plastic servolevers, which caused the same behaviour as you described.
    – do all motors start the same time and run OK.
    – If not you must check the motors separate with an extra esc and check all escĀ“s separate with an extra motor to find out what goes wrong.
    If you need more help please post some pictures and show your Coptes size and PID settings as well.
    Good luck


    thanks for the help. I will take a good look at all the things you’ve mentioned and try to follow up later with some pictures or a video. I like the kk2 board myself and i’ll probably just fix the tri and keep flying with the kk2 for now.


    Also depending what kk2 board you have ex. Kk2.0 kk2.1.5 You can flash different firmware on the flight controller. I like the kk2 board, it’s even better with steveis firmware. The newer board have more options, but getting in the air for a 5 dollar Flight Controller Is Awesome!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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