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    As i understand it, the BEC can be used to supply 8VDC. However what I don’t see is what / where its supplying it to. Specifically, the UART (1-3)… Is it just one particular UART or does this supply voltage for all of them?

    Also from what i have read the BEC can supply 8VDC @ 3A, which amounts to 24 watts of power avalible. Just curious what the flight controller and servo draw so I have a better understanding of how much wattage is still avalible for other things.

    My VTX uses 7.5vdc and I’ll have to look up the receiver board’s specs to see if it also can use 8 VDC. Would be nice if it did and the combined wattage was low enough to run everything from the BEC. Would save me having to use the RAW-connector with a voltage regulator for FPV.



    I’m not sure about the BEC built in to the Mini Tri Frame. I used a bare frame board with no FC or PDB and a completely different FC and BEC on mine. On my baby tricopters, I use the BabyPDB and F3FC racing FC. The F3FC racing FC has it’s own 5V BEC and then I set the voltage on the BabyPDB BEC to 6V and only feed the servo.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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