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    Hej all – want to share my first Betaflight impressions with you…

    Have finally rebuilt my V3 after I had grounded it quite ungracefully with an ill-fated flip a few weeks back. As betaflight 2.1.6 had just been released I decided to check it out as there’s mainly 200/250 class race quad people on the thread and no feedback whatsoever on tris. In short: works a charm!!

    I’ve chosen Luxfloat and lowered P values to reflect the large frame but left I and D largely untouched. After a few packs LOS flying I’m really happy with it: feels very responsive and snappy and I’ve had no drift issues / overshoots in yaw. Flips and rolls are super easy and stable (quick ones, I have to confess, have not mastered larger maneuvers yet). Did not have to activate TPA as I’ve had no oscillations at high throttle. Like!

    Can definitely encourage you to give it a try! Attached my PIDs and CLI dump fyi.

    Disclaimer: I’m no expert in PID tweaking and can only compare to my own, previous CF setup. Settings are very likely far from optimal but very flyable – feedback and hints welcome 😉

    Configuration: V3 / Sunnysky V2216 1100kv / 4s & 3s / HQ Prop 9×5 / Afro 30A w. dampened_light

    Merry Christmas / God Jul and happy flying (or building),




    Same here. Maiden this morning with betaflight 2.1.6. Only change I made to stock BF was to increase rates for pitch, roll and yaw. Will continue tweaking but the stock PIDs are good enought to start FPV flying. Will use mainly as a camera ship.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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