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    Seems the Betaflight 3.2.1 layout for the RCExplorerF3 board is errornous.

    Stock Betaflight 3.2.1 tricopter layout:

    resource MOTOR 2 A07
    resource MOTOR 3 B00
    resource MOTOR 4 A04
    resource MOTOR 5 B01

    Seems like it should be:

    resource MOTOR 2 B00
    resource MOTOR 3 A04
    resource MOTOR 4 B01
    resource SERVO 1 A07

    If not corrected, motor 2 (right motor) won’t work, and servo won’t work

    On another note: CAMERA_CONTROL works fine on PWM6 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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