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    Hi guys. I’m a horizon hobby flying fixed-wing “pilot”. I’m new to multi-rotors, Betaflight, crossfire and OpenTx. I just built my LR and flashed it with Betaflight 4.0.3 firmware supplied by Jihlien on this forum. Fired it up and am having unexpected behavior. When I arm it the motors start spinning right away with no throttle input. Then after several seconds of playing around with controls, throttle become unchangeable and strange vibe noises at particular stick movements from a particular motor start.


    Hi Flacke
    Have you already tried putting props on (in save circumstances of course?). Does the quad flip out or is it able to take off?
    For a Multirotor it’s quite normal to have the props spinning whenever it is armed, but you can change it in Betaflight Configurator (enable Motor Stop in the Configuration Tab). However I strongly discourage you to do this. Contrary to a wing, a multirotor constantly requires the motors to spin in order to stabilize itself. The speed at which you see the motors spinning is the idle throttle , which your Tri will never go below when it’s armed, hence also in flight. Personally, to enhance your Tri’s stability at 0 throttle during flight, I would even recommend slightly raising the Idle Throttle Percentage from the default value or avoid very low throttle positions.
    For the strange noises and behavior you’re reporting, I can’t really tell from your video if there’s something strange going on. I’d recommend putting small props (like 5 inch props) on your LR and try hover it. It will struggle to take off with such small props, but at least you’ll see if it’s able to fly. If it flips out, check your motor-order and motor-directions 😉


    Thanks for the response! I haven’t put props on it yet. It seems like after a little playing with the throttle the throttle stops responding so I didn’t want to do that. I do know two of the motors are spinning in the wrong direction and I wanted to reverse that in BLHeli32_Suite instead of by wire swapping. But, I can’t get that to work. The program connects and sees the ESCs but I can’t flash or write any changes. Each ESCs is labeled b,b,b, and the write function isn’t functional. Do I need to use the DShot thing I’ve read about to flash firmware to the ESCs?

    Also, I read Clauds Diff.txt file to changed the PIDs but I don’t understand what the other info in that file is. Should I be changing other settings besides the PIDs? Thanks again!

    One more thing. In the video you can see the servo is functioning but eventually stops centering after it’s been moved. I know it’s friction free and not binding. Is this all because there are not props generating a load force?


    Everything in your video looks and sounds totally normal except for the throttle not returning to neutral and the tail servo starts to behave badly. I would be willing to bet it has to do with the props being off, which is probably confusing the hell out of the flight controller since it’s not getting any movement in response to the throttle. The weird behavior of the tail could also be due to throttle position and lack of props.

    I’d say put props on it and try to hover once you get the motors spinning in the right direction. It’s not a normal flight condition at all to be at full throttle for so long which such large control inputs (and you move it by hand), even if it did have props on. I’m not surprised it behaves strangely.


    Alright I got the correct Blheli32 suit and was able to reverse the two motors so they are all turning the correct direction. I also figured out how to write the rest of the Diff.txt file in CLI so that’s been done to. I put my props on and gave it a try today. OSD looked good and I had 7 sats in my backyard. I armed the LR and the props started to idle. Then with the tinniest amount of throttle it violently flipped itself over as if I had punched it. That was in Horizon mode. Then I tried Stability mode and when I armed it the motors idled with small pulsing at zero throttle input. The smallest amount of throttle again flipped it violently. When it’s on the bench w/o props one little “click” of throttle make the motors slowly ramp up to full throttle. Betaflight receiver tab and the preview all look good and behave as they should.

    Any ideas where I go from here?


    If you used the video to setup the wiring, I’m betting you have to swap motors 1 and 3. David’s video uses S1/S2/S3 <-> Left/Right/Rear motors, which is what we’ve been using for dRonin. It won’t work for BetaFlight, as it expects S1/S2/S3 to be Rear/Right/Left motors.

    So you can either:

    1)Use BetaFlight resource mapping to swap channels 1 and 3 (easier), or
    2)Physically swap the S1 and S3 esc wires (harder)

    I also got caught with this, and it’s amazing how little throttle is needed to quickly flip it over on the ground.

    I’m in no way a fan of video setup instructions, because it’s difficult to add tips and additions without redoing the whole video, where as written instructions can be edited…….


    If you used the KakuteF4 V2 and you’ve wired it up like in the video, just post the following lines into the CLI, type save and ENTER, there is a good chance your issues will be fixed afterwards.

    resource MOTOR 1 A03
    resource MOTOR 3 B00
    resource MOTOR 4 NONE
    resource SERVO 1 C08
    resource LED_STRIP 1 NONE

    There is a chance that it won’t accept the command immediately because every resource needs to be freed before it can be reassigned, in that case just free up the corresponding motor by typing “resource MOTOR “number you need” NONE”; ENTER; and then re-assign it.
    You can also use the Diff that I posted on the first page of this thread, my LR flies perfect like that, and it was done with an LR that was wired up exactly like in David’s video.


    Note that if you used the hex file I supplied (based on 4.4.4), you do not need the “resource LED_STRIP 1 NONE” command, and the LED string will function on M4. I rearranged the timer allocations to make this work. When time permits, I will submit a PR to BetaFlight and see if they accept it.


    The way theluxembourgishguy indicated to swap motors is, in my opinion, the best one.

    I suggest you to use the motors TAB in Betaflight configurator, and spin each motor one by one. So you will know which ones are wrong and which one to swap with which one.

    Then if you type ressources in the CLI you will know to which output each motor is actually associated, and so you will know to which ressource you have to associate each motor to be ok


    I just want to say thank you guys for you all helping me out here with your speedy replies and information. I really appreciate this.

    Ok. I changed the motors in CLI and confirmed in a dump file after reboot. I have a new video of the Motor tab in Betaflight if you guys could check it out and tell me what you think of it before I put props on it again. It just seems weird to me the way the throttle ramps up and then become unresponsive eventually. Thank you all some much once again.


    Flacke, in the motors tab you don’t have to use your TX.

    You have to check the little button “Understand the risks” and then you can move the cursor up for each motor to see if the right one is spinning, and in the right direction.

    For example cursor motor1: rear motor should spin up …

    If not then write down which one is starting. Let’s suppose it’s motor 3, it means that it’s the output of your motor 3 that is actually linked to Betaflight motor 1.

    Take a look in the CLI with ressources, to see which output is actually linked to motor 1. You now know the output name (A01, B03 …) that SHOULD be linked to your motor 3.

    Do the same with the 2 other motors, and you will know which outputs name (A01, B02 ….) are linked to which motor position (1,2,3) in Betaflight.

    Now you can change the links to have the right motor linked with the right output name.

    Understood the idea ?


    Hey, just to make it a bit easier, here is a video where the process is explained very well, starting from 9:30. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeuSq71pYF0

    Btw, if you are completely new to Betaflight, OpenTX etc, I highly recommend that you follow Joshua’s channel, granted he works with quads, but everything that relates to OpenTX, Betaflight etc is like 99% the same for Tris, so the quad community is a very helpful source for information, especially because it’s much bigger than our little Tri-family 🙂

    Good luck 😉


    OK got it. The Motors are correct and spinning in the right direction. I’m just not understanding the lack of throttle control like demonstrated in my last video.

    I have been following Joshua for quite a bit. For FPV stuff and more recently setting up my Taranis and Crossfire and now Betaflight.

    Since I’ve always had full control over my airplanes motors and servos the automation coming from a FC makes me a bit nervous. Seeing my throttle slowly ramp up and not responding to my inputs I guess is a case of not having props load torque on the motors and confusing the FC?


    IT FLIES! It flies nice and smooth. It was a little breezy and my backyard is tight. I had no problem keeping it at a safe distance and away from the obstacle course in my yard. I’m going to have to practice a lot and buy a bunch of props most likely. But wow. FPV feed was jello free too.

    Anyone have a sim they can recommend for a Tricopter simulation?

    I’ll get my GoPro on it and post up a video in the next few day.

    Can’t Thank you guys enough for your help!


    Fine !

    You will see that multirotors handle wind very good …

    I often fly my Tricopter in my backyard too, even with serious wind. I flew a flybarless TREX500 some years ago, and handle wind was more complicated, even with the 3 gyro BEASTX module.

    More specifically with a tricopter, I have the feeling that one can achieve more graceful flights, less “robotic” than a 4Xcopter.

    And THIS tricopter is really well designed. And once folded, it needs only a small narrow place in a case.

    The only improvement I personally would like, would be that the bottom plate would be shaped to receive the PDB and FC, instead of the top plate … David, if you add this “upgrade” bottom plate in your shop, I will immediately order one !

    Anyway this TricopterLR is definitively an amazing and unique craft !

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