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    Wow awesome video, everything is so green!

    Now as for your wobble,

    * Try turning down your Roll & Yaw, P / I gains in small increments. (assuming your using Betaflight) Normally you’s want the Yaw to be slightly under-tuned to provide just enough response to get the job done. Keep in mind that Servos response is slow in comparison to the ESC / Motors. Because of this your Pitch and Roll values will always be higher that your Yaw. Too much Yaw gain and the Servo will overshoot and hunt continuously. Worse yet, Yaw, induces a small amount or Roll and Roll induces a small amount of Yaw. Because of this its easy to get into a situation where the two can create a feedback loop. (Tail Wag)

    * Look at your Servo PWM rate… Davids feedback servos should be good for “270’ish” to 300. While some of the more expensive Servos can run at 330.

    * You servo should run 6 – 7 volts to have the maximum amount of torque and response. Otherwise the Servo can act and feel laggy. Thus making Wobble much more likely.


    You can run the RCE Feedback servo at 330 Hz, been doing that for quite some time now, On the V4, LR, and BiCopter.


    Wow thanks for the fast reply.
    I will take a new turn on tuning in the next week.

    Where can i set the pwm rate in betaflight?


    in CLI tab use: set servo_pwm_rate


    hmm, thta video looks promising!

    I cannot get rid of the tail wagging in dRonin. At slower flight it flies fantastic, but at higher speeds it start wagging it’s tail slightly. Not much as it flies great, but the Tri is currently unusable to record any flight video with the tail moving slighlyt.

    I might try and switch to betaflight or inav to see if I can get it to behave better.


    Hi guys,

    Today I’ve upgraded to Betaflight 4.1.0 and I also upgraded the ESCs to BlHeli 32.7 and I’ve tried the new RPM filtering. I’ve made a short (5min) flight to test it and it seemed to be pretty stable. I gonna go fly tomorrow with FPV and I gonna report back. If someone wants to try out I fallowed this tutorial. I also attached my diff file.

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    @pamera How does it fly?


    Hi everyone,
    i switch to Betaflight last weekend for the first time and even if i’m a beginner for multicopters, i do what i want with your dump file, so thank you all.

    My config:
    -Betaflight version 4.1.1
    -Tri LR form David
    -the same for electronic parts
    -GPS M8 form TBS (Rx6 / Tx6 pads)
    -Crossfire setup for commands (Rx3 / Tx3 pads)
    -DJI air unit and googles system for FPV part(Rx4 / Tx4 pads)

    I just finish to wellding the OSD for DJI, the last week i flew for test the tri LR and it flew great.
    So i want to share my config with my dump from CLI.

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    I finally got my Tricopter LR built last weekend. It’s basically the stuff David recommended, except HQ 8×5 bullnose props and a non-telemetry XM+ receiver I had laying around. I haven’t installed FPV gear yet. I did the maiden on Sunday with dRonin and didn’t have any major issues. Yesterday I decided to try Betaflight (before I found this thread). The first attempt ended with the machine violently flipping on takeoff because I had the motors mapped incorrectly. The second flight she flew, but poorly because my PIDs were completely wrong.

    After that I found this thread and the recommended PIDs. With those loaded I went out after work tonight and it flew pretty good. For the second flight I ended up dialing the RC down to .75 and reducing feedforward to zero on all channels. It’s not the most scientific test, but I think pitch and roll are closer to what I prefer. Yaw not so much. I have a telemetry receiver on the way so that I can mess with the PIDs without running in to the computer constantly.

    Anyway, this thread is great. I’m a fixed-wing guy who has some experience with micro-quads but has never tuned a PID before, so the information here is extremely helpful. Hopefully in the next week or so I’ll get the FPV gear installed and have time to get out of my backyard and fly somewhere with enough room to really test her out. Thanks everybody!

Viewing 9 posts - 61 through 69 (of 69 total)
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