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    Kits for the mini tricopter are shipping out at the moment I would think 🙂

    Just a few observations in building it:

    If your board camera has electronics on the side facing the 40mm stand-offs and you are worried the stand-offs might create a short, just put a piece of heat shrink over the stand-offs 🙂

    If you want the top tray to be perfectly level (which makes it a bit easier to install a large lipo) simply use the 3mm adapters from the propeller package on the two rear 40mm stand-offs to create an extra 2mm gap.

    If you are worried the edges of the side plates are going to cut the Lipo wires on repeated install/remove, sand the edges lightly with 400 grain WoD sandpaper.


    BTW, @David, are we getting a build video? (: I watched your V3 build half a dozen times and I would still watch a mini build video. ((:


    Hi David,
    A build video for the mini would be awesome ,as the build video for the full sized tricopter was a huge help.

    Thanks for all your hard work!


    Yes. A build video would be great.


    Working on it. Taking a bit more time than anticipated as there is so much other stuff to do all the time 😀
    Recording as fast as I can


    By the time my package shows up, the video will be done.
    Come on USPS.


    I for one will wait patiently. Thank you for your hard work. Besides, I can keep working on understanding my taranis transmitter.


    I also would like to see a build video. Just got #37 and am ready to start working on it. Caution has me holding back until I have clear instructions on how to proceed. By the way delivery was super fast. I have had slower mail delivery in country. Keep up the good work. Ps I have a question on using Cleanflight on three models each using special enhanced software. Such as the reg.tri, the mini tri and a 250 racing quad. When updating or changing setpoint is there a chance to cross contaminate the firmware installed. For instance, after I install the mini-tri firmware, do I have to be careful in connecting to my 250 to change P&ID’that I don’t have Cleanflight unknowingly install any tri related items on it?

    Your thoughts please. Thanks #37


    No worries about “cross contaminating” your different flavours of cleanflight – the complete config is drawn from the board and stored to the board, no hidden installations take place. The only thing you should make sure is that the version of the configurator is compatible with the builds you’re using. Potential incompatibilities would be listed in the release notes.


    Mine arrived yesterday!

    It’s coming together, I was a little mystified by how the side plates attached for a while, until I noticed I had a small extra piece of CF (the rectangular bit here: http://rcexplorer.se/product/minitricopter-frame-holders/ )

    Hopefully I’ll get some time this evening to do the rest of the dry fit and start working out what electronics go where.


    Finished up yesterday. Intergrated Naze32 was DOA so a dropped in a Naze32 rev6!

    Mini Kit with PDB
    Naze32 rev6
    Rotorgeeks RG20 ESC
    Cobra 2208 2000kv
    HQ 6×4.5
    Lumenier TX5G25 Mini
    IBCrazy 5.8 Airscrew

    Mini Folded

    Mini side closeup


    A few more.

    Tri vs QAV250


    What kind of flight times are you getting?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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