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    I have connected the buzzer + ( the +ve side of buzzer as marked with +) to the 5 V pad (next to the Bat + on top of double pin row) on Kakute F4 v2 and buzzer -ve leg to Buz on the board.

    I have enabled all the buzzer sounds and armed an aux switch to beep.

    Problem is when I arm the switch the blue light rapidly blinks but I get no sound from the buzzer.

    Can anyone guide me as to what I am missing please?

    I have checked the voltage on the two legs and its zero so there is no power getting to the buzzer but clearly its being armed by the aux switch as it has the blue light blinking rapidly on the FC.

    I don’t get any other sounds from any of the other buzzing enabled events either.



    I have tested the two 5V pos pins as marked against the Ground pin and they all show 5V.

    The Buz – does not show any voltage when the buzzer is activated ( led flashes on FC) on either 5V pin so it appears that Buz- is not closing the circuit.

    I have tested it both stand alone and on Betaflight in case the no usb beep command was interfering.

    So either the board is faulty or this is some betaflight command that has turned that pin off.

    Any ideas?


    Ok well it’s related to one shot v Dshot.

    I changed the esc protocol to Dshot 1200 and now the buzzer works.

    I’m only new to this being a heli hobby guy so someone deep into this might be able to work out whats going on.

    I hate fixing probelms and not knowing why it’s fixed!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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