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    Can you not connect to your tricopter anymore to update your configs etc?
    If you updated your Cleanflight configurator in Chrome to Cleanflight 2.0 you get this message when trying to connect:
    “‘WARNING: the firmware on this device needs upgrading to a newer version. Use CLI for backup before flashing..'”

    Go to YouTube and Watch this by painless360 : ” Cleanflight 2.0: Supporting older versions on your models ”
    and it shows you how to connect again with your tricopter. – and get your life back 🙂 !!


    Thanks! Got that error message today. This will help 🙂


    I got it last week. The solution is to enable the developer mode in Chrome and install the older version of the Cleanflight configurator. New Betaflight based firmware is undergoing testing which will fix this problem.


    Any update on this? I just downloaded the most recent cleanflight and am using the most recent triflight_0_5_ALPHA2_servo_release_RCE.hex firmware. I am getting the same error: “The firmware on this device needs to be updated….”


    This will not change, I think. Triflight 0.7 requires betaflight or the latest cleanflight Configurator (tbc if cleanflight Configurator works). So if you want to run triflight 0.5 you need cleanflight Configurator v 1.2.4 frome here. To install follow steps elsewhere listed on the forum.


    I followed this guide to install the 1.2.4 to coexist with the 2.x.x versions.

    Install 1.2.4

    This is my first encounter with CleanFlight and following the buildlog on YouTube didnt mention this at all. Time to make an edit David? 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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