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    Hello, I am finally getting around to rebuilding my MiniTri after an epic crash. I replaced most of the broken parts and flashed the latest Triflight to it without incident.

    The issue is when I hook up my receiver to UART1 the receiver powers up just fine, but I get no response to the controls in the configurator.

    The receiver seems to work fine on UART2, but I also don’t seem to be able to get any telemetry from the UART3 TX pad.

    So far I have taken it back apart an re-touched all of the solder joints but I still get the same result and it seems I am left with just one working UART.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.



    Its really difficult to advise you without more information and several photos detailing the condition of your FC.

    Can you try another 3rd party device to confirm the UART’s condition?
    Have you performed a detailed inspection of the board?

    Beyond that, if one or more the UART’s are dead. It’s most likely a failed solder run within the board or a connection where the IC attaches has lifted. This can happen when a PCB is over stressed or cracked, damaging the solder runs ect. For a multi-layer PCB, its about impossible to repair manually without some serious equipment and skill. However those interconnections where the IC attaches to the runs can simply be reflowed if it’s just lifted up. Pads that are ripped or missing would require full replacement, which is also one hell of a repair for those not having the right equipment / experience.


    Thanks for the reply. I have checked it over really well and can’t see any cracks in the board, but it was a pretty epic crash…on pavement…so who knows what happened inside. I was able to fly it yesterday and it seems to be doing well in the air.

    All I’m really missing is the telemetry and I can get the battery voltage off the camera, so I guess I am good to go as I don’t run GPS or an external OSD.

    Thanks again,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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