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    @lkaino: Will look into the F3FC target, probably in a week or so after vacation….

    Shouldn’t be too hard, hopefully just a mod to an existing F3 target. PR has been submitted to Dronin for triflight inclusion, may take a little while to get thru the review process.


    Hey I’ve got a port of Dronin 90% running on the F3FC. There is an issue with the MPU6000 inverted orientation I need to figure out. After that, I think it’s flyable.

    Does anyone know if there is a USB VSense input on the F3FC?


    @lkaino: Tried the 0.5 alpha on my trifecta, did the tail tune on the bench then in flight. Got the completion beeps after a while. Flew ok, all axes locked in apart from the yaw which slips a little to the right in manuoevers around hover thrust when the throttle is pumped. Seems fine in fast forward flight, did a few flips and rolls and it felt locked in.

    Tail would wander a little on a hard pitch pump for the first 3 or 4 meters but settle and did not do anything bad when I cut the throttle. My props don’t stop completely when I cut throttle, that’s the way I prefer it right now.

    Anything you suggest I try to tune that slight slip at a little over hover? Happy to fiddle but no idea what parameters do what with this new firmware and the “virtual tail”.

    I used to test hover, video my tail, measure the angle of the tail at hover, set that as the “center” on the servo, then set the endpoints about 40 degrees either side of the hover angle. Then I’d fly.

    Setup is Trifecta, LD Power 1900kv 2206, 6×4.5 GemFan 2 blade, Multistar Slim 20A V2 with BLHeli 14.6, F3 Deluxe board, Zippy 1300 4s. Everything coming down cool as a cucumber. Happy with it as a beater. Got just enough punch to keep me happy.


    @lkaino: I don’t remember where I commented on this, but it looks like the 1.13 release you gave us ( the one that allows flashing the BLHeli through the F3FC) doe not respect what we set for USART3. No matter what I do to change from MSP to GPS or Smartport (GUI or CLI), the configuration of USART3 returns to MSP only after reboot ๐Ÿ™


    Hi all,

    I just got back from flying a few packs and noticed something odd throughout, it seemed like every 10 or so seconds someone tapped the tail end. The copter turned to the right (FPV view) about 40-45* degrees every 10-20 seconds. I applied no unusual input, it just felt like someone took their index finger and tapped the rear boom. What could be causing this?


    Just a little feedback on betaflight – tried 2.9 on the mini today and knowing that Boris has changed a lot regarding how rates are handled I first tried it with stock PID, Filters and rates and found that it flies fantastic – never had such a good “tune” on my various attempts with previous versions of Clean- and Betaflight (as I have not implemented servo feedback on my mini yet I can’t compare to triflight).

    Would be interesting to know if someone else has tried this…

    Cheers, Rue

    Forgot to mention: I’m running the classic DYS1800 setup


    @lkaino, Still running the original electronics kit (not the f3 board) and just tried to update to 0.5 beta 3 (and alpha 2) and the servo feedback wire no longer functions. I tried 0.5 beta 2 as well with the same result (feedback wire not found). Went back to 0.5 beta 1 (what I have been running) and the servo does its “dance” when servo speed calibration is run.

    Any thoughts on what is going on?

    I’m running softserial for my FrSky telemetry.


    Might help if I read the release notes:

    “Before connecting the servo feedback cable, define in CLI the source pin for the feedback:
    set tri_servo_feedback = VIRTUAL | RSSI | CURRENT | EXT1.”


    Well here it is, a f3fc running Jihlein’s fabulous dronin firmware. It still needs some tuning and i need to enable the actual triflight modules but for now it flies just fine. Here is a short video of a quick hover test, i will get back with some gps, altitude hold, autotune etc:)


    “Jihleinโ€™s fabulous dronin firmware”

    It’s not my firmware….I’m just one of many who work on it….

    I just ported the firmware to the F3FC target…. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    There is still some work and checkout to be done, I haven’t verified PPM rx operation, nor is there any support for the LED strips yet.


    @jihlein: awesome! Need to try that out at some point.

    In the meanwhile I have been making small adjustments to the firmware, attaching a test HEX here for the interested. Really happy how it flies. It should help with the drifting problems pilots have had.

    Changes shortly:
    – Improved the I term handling, increased the limits on which it is disabled
    – Reduced the “sensitivity” of the virtual motor model by increased filtering. There’s lot less noise on the yaw error now.

    I have had a curse with the mini tri, still haven’t gotten it airborne to test the default tune.

    But I have been testing on a new prototype tri from @David. I think you will see it shortly on the front page :). I have had too much fun playing with that little thing, it’s so awesome to fly :D.


    Oh @lkaino, there you go making us all salivate again…

    Another day of my tricopter’s tail misbehaving. Standard EMAX setup, tell kept kicking out as I was flying laps. Lost that little piece that goes under the servo (I lose that friggin’ thing every time the tail zip ties break).

    Wasn’t able to get blackbox data because for the life of me I cannot get my openlog thing I bought off goodluckbuy to take the blackbox firmware. If you have suggestions, in all ears, but the Arduino IDE will not talk to the thing.

    Will jury rig a servo platform tomorrow and try again with this latest release since I’m all out of little plastic blocks.


    @frank-debros, you need to connect to the AVR pins (on the top) and put a boot loader on it. I had to do that with mine from banggood. I wrote the steps down on how to do it, but I’ll have to find them since you have to set the fuses to get the boot loader on it. If I find them, I’ll post them here.


    Could not find the notes, probably show up when I’m not looking for it.

    Looks like someone put up steps on the forms:

    After that, then you can load the firmware from cleanflight:


    @rustypaint hey thanks! Going to the shed to dig up my Duemilanove and get this done. You rock!

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