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    I’m about to try to convert one of my Tricopters to start using the new DJI FPV system. I was just wondering if anyone has already tried it? I’m not opposed to being the first but if someone has already suffered through any brain damage I’m willing to learn.

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    Hi adamcooney1,

    i’m using it but, i’m also a beginner in FPV and multicopter’s world (the Tri LR is my first build =’] )

    So even i nether watched into an analog googles, i had a big feelings when i taken off for the first time. The only ones i saw were on youtube.
    I’m flying for the moment with the stock antennas and it’s really awesome.
    The good thing is that you just have to make 2 or 4 welding and it’s ready to fly.
    The negative thing is that is not an open software/hardware.

    Sorry if i did some mistakes of grammar i’m not american or englishman.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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