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    Going out to fly FPV this weekend? Pay a hefty fee to apply for a permit and wait God knows how long to get it rejected. Since Sweden has the “allemands-ret” (Everyone can camp for one night on a field owed by you if they do no damage to it) you can’t even fly on your own property.



    I found this while looking at follow-on links earlier from within that article, this could be of interest as it goes a bit more in-depth into the matter….



    Swedish Facebook group on the topic



    And meanwhile in Norway our Civil Aviation Authority’s rules are “cooked down” to this simple rules for drones:

    5 main rules:

    1. Always fly line of sight and never close to accidents of any kind.
    2. Never fly closer than 5 km from an airport, unless explicitly agreed with the airport.
    3. Never fly above 120 meters above ground level.
    4. Never fly above festivals, concerts or sports events. Keep a distance of 150 meters horizontally.
    5. Respect the privacy of others. Remember the rules for use of photo and video of other persons (i.e. don’t publish unless accepted by the involved persons).

    Pretty simple rules that can be followed by anyone. In addition we have rules that apply for members of RC Model clubs. Simply put, LOS and height rules does not apply when flying in connection to an RC Club.


    Sweden have two separate government agencies dealing with different topics here.
    First we have Transportstyrelsen which is the CAA. They care about airworthiness and safe aviation.
    Then we have Datainspektionen. They care about personal integrity.

    Transportstyrelsen have a proposal out for review where they try to harmonise with expected European rules. Most parts for the better but still lacking understanding for the hobby. The rule change was said to be very urgent last spring, but it’s still not completed. When they finish it may get easier. We will see.

    Datainspektionen pushed their case to the highest court and won. Any cameras on drones are now in the same category as fixed surveillance cameras in the streets and require the same permissions. Absolutely no understanding for the hobby.

    At the same time we do have organisations like Missing People who can save lives using camera drones with experienced pilots on a voluntary basis. Such experience can only come from the serious, but maybe disorganised, hobbyists.


    I’m not suggesting you go and fly with the camera on your tricopter but, what’s the fine if any if you do? I think the world has some sort of issue of paranoia and there privacy. But they still use cell phones and they are hacked all the time. Same with any computer.


    That’s really stupid. Our hobby is dying. This is worse than here in the States. David won’t stand for this. I’m talking to you David, fight back!

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