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    You can’t download from the dRonin homepage, the official dRonin release does not support Triflight or the F3FC targets. You need to use the version I built that’s linked to in the first post of this thread.


    It appears as if the windows link in the first post is out of date. I can’t edit that, but the correct link is:



    I’ve being running a tricopter with Kakute v4 f2 and betaflight following your instructions in RC explorer ( wiring / CLI Resources update).
    But when trying to move to Dronin, using your VIDEO, I can’t get servo running. Rest looks OK.
    Could you pelase Help?: wiring for servo? . any especial configuration?: something similar to CLI thanks neeeds to be updated in Dronin?, others?.
    Thanks in advance


    Davids last video was from 2 months ago:

    Wiring map

    Far as i know of M4 (old LED pad) is now the Servo pad. While ADC2 is the RSSI pad. (ADC3 is R4)


    There’s a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings going on right now, not sure how to clear everything up. but here goes.

    1)To use dRonin with the RCE F3FC, KakuteF4V2, or Matek405 boards, you must use the version of dRonin linked to in the first post of this thread. Those targets do not exist in the official dRonin builds, and no one in the dRonin forums will know what you are talking about, so please don’t go there looking for help. Note that these dRonin targets have some different features from their betaflight cousins, to take better advantage of the boards electrical layout, and add other features aimed at the RCE BiCopter. End result is the board silkscreen is no longer 100% accurate as to solder pad function, see below.
    2)The same is true for the triflight routines themselves, they don’t exist in the official dRonin.
    3)Yes, the Windows link in the first post is broken, no, I can’t fix that. So for now, to repeat, use this link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am7KDquQANJl5m7fAKlYbvHMqIF9
    4)Due to the way the KakuteF4V2 board is electrically designed, to run a tricopter, the servo must be connected to the LED solder pad, for both dRonin and betaflight. This lets you use a different output protocol on the motors and servos which is required for a tricopter. To make the servo work, in dRonin it’s referred to as Channel 4, in betaflight you need to do the resource mapping game.
    5)Because of 4 above, the LED function in dRonin moves to the M4 solder pad, and it works correctly. If you resource map the LED function to M4 in betaflight, M3 will no longer function correctly. This is due to how betaflight is coded internally, and can’t be easily fixed. dRonin does not have this issue. It’s simply due to how the lower level code is implemented. Neither is more correct or incorrect, they are just different, with different pros and cons.

    I’m not a fan of video based setup instructions, so I can’t say if they are good or bad. The proper wiring setup for these boards with dRonin, along with how to set it up has been discussed in these threads many times. To recap the KakuteF4V2 wiring:

    For tricopter:
    M1/M2/M3 solder pads, left/right/rear motor, exact sequence not super critical, as this is easily defined in the setup screens, Channel 1/Channel 2/Channel 3 respectively
    Servo to LED solder pad, referred to as Channel 4
    Servo fdbk to RSI pad, referred to as ADC2
    LED string can be used, use M4 solder pad

    For Bicopter:
    I don’t have my setup in front me, but in general:
    M1/M2 solder pads are left motor/right motor
    M3/LED solder pads are left servo/right servo
    RSI/R4 solder pads are left/right servos fdbks, ADC2/ADC3 respectively
    LED string can be used, use M4 solder pad
    Bicopter uses a custom mixer

    Uart 4 is a TX only port now, due to the pin being used as the 2nd servo fdbk
    Bicopter use of the fdbks is not necessary at this point, although it is useful for debugging setups
    Additional servo fdbks and custom bicopter routines (none exist yet….) are not part of betaflight, so don’t look for them there.
    Tailtune has been renamed ServoCal. This is because it does not actually tune the yaw PIDs, it simply sets up various parameters to compute the tail servo position. It also does the same on the bicopter, which doesn’t have a tail, just servos.


    One last Q. i use futaba but i cannot get the dronin to see it on the wizard. in the hardware part its says rx disabled. I have tried turning each channel on the setup page and assigned a channel from radio.

    Its also lists UAT as disabled. What am i missing?


    Thanks for your detailed explanación. I’ll try providing feedback.


    Hi All, am trying to get my matek f405 working on dronin git rev eb19d7b, 2 (simple) questions

    1) in ‘flight modes’ the bottom mode called in my gcs is ‘ServoCal’ (not ‘TailTune’ as in video) guess thats ok.

    2) in gcs I get a sensor error (see image below) but the gyro is fine, how can I disable this sensor, or can that only be done at compile time? (I am not very familiar with dronin)

    I do see at line 53:


    (and 54 and 55)

    some hardware defined, the matek f405 aio, I am using has no baro or mag sensor

    any help is greatly appreciated


    As it is, the Matek405Aio board won’t work with the Matek405 target. It was never tested with that variant, and I didn’t realize that it doesn’t have the baro sensor. So it will take a software update to make it work…..


    thanks @jihlein, I will consider builder a firmware with these sensors disabled then


    hi, been setting up my tri with the f3fc board.
    But I have a small problem, the channel for tri-yaw (channel 4) controls the NE motor (channel 2), and vice versa.
    What do ?


    You should be able to swap the channels for the NE motor and yaw servo in the vehicle definition page to fix that. Don’t forget to change the output protocols to match in the output page.

    Due to the layout of the F3Fc, the yaw servo must be connected electrically to either output 2 (typical) or output 1.


    thank you so much!
    I appear to have another problem: following the dronin tutorial, i can’t seem to find tailtune in the flightmodes.
    What should the first tuning (done while on the ground) be done with tailtune or autotune?

    If it is tailtune then how to enable it ? and if it is autotune, then it doesn’t do anything when i pull the stick back on my transmitter :/


    For better or worse, I changed the name of tailtune to servocal, for a couple of reasons.

    1)It doesn’t really tune the tail, it just calibrates the servo limits so servo servo position can be internally calculated
    2)The same routines are used for the bicopter servo calibrations, and the bicopter doesn’t have a tail……

    Sorry for the confusion.


    thanks it did work!
    Do you know what might cause the servo not be on the midpoint in accro mode, but when i switch it over to servocal to do the calibration, to be right on the midpoint?
    Here it is in video if what i said wasn’t clear : https://photos.app.goo.gl/XQSZ1CZDMT1F6vgC7

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