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    Thanks Billyd. I’ll give it a go. I won’t be able to fly for the next several weeks (getting some eye surgery, one eye at a time). I’ll be back at it after that though.



    I found an mag sensor orientation that showed properly for compass heading. It’s not what other said is the proper orientation for the BN-880 but it’s what works. I ran another 6-point calibration for compass and accel and enabled Path Planner. I’m hoping this will fix my direction home issues and (hopefully) get RTH to work more correctly. It’ll just be another couple of weeks to try.



    I am copying a part of my build log here, to state that the home arrow seems to work well with your last build @jihlein.

    Home Arrow
    To enable that, post 62439 by @billyd was helpful.
    You have to activate the modules “Path Planner” and “VTOL Path Planner”
    Then go to the filters tab of the attitude settings to select the proper filters (“INSOutdoor” for Attitude algorithm and “INS” for Navigation algorithm).
    But on the filters I had strange behavior selecting INSOutdoor. It took time to stabilise (30sec after boot) and somehow showed a few degrees difference with a previous calibration.
    Reading on the dronin documentation, I chose the “complementary” filter for Attitude algorithm instead. This seems a better choice.

    With the 2019-06-05 build, I can confirm that there is an inconsistancy in the arrow movement (looks like a bad atan/atan2 computation or something like that, a quadrant error maybe). but with the latest @jihlein build (experimental) here in post 63251, i think it is fixed!
    The movement of the arrow is consistent with the tricopter rotation around itself, always pointing the home location.



    I could not get my tri to arm when I enabled a mode that uses the gps.
    The gps works fine, got lat and long value in the OSD, did not have enough flight time to do further testing since my focus is more on getting that damn tail to stop moving 😀

    I’m going to try what you did and see if I can get it to work.



    You can’t arm when using nav until you have enough sats locked to get a home position established.



    jihlein any chance you can get a good working rth firmware for the L/R completed before this site evaporates once and for all?



    Here’s some raw footage from the last test flight.
    It flies great, but as you can see I still have some tail wagging.

    What value do I tweak to get it to get the tail to respond less.



    Reduce the I term by a factor of 10.

    And reduce the D term by a factor of 20.

    You might try increasing the P term slightly after the above if still not happy.




    You mean the I and D on the Yaw?

    My D on Yaw is 0

    And is that in the basic or the advanced tab?

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    “jihlein any chance you can get a good working rth firmware for the L/R completed before this site evaporates once and for all?”

    My opinion on this issue is, yes I will try, but only to the extent of looking into tuning the altitude hold mode and position hold modes, and seeing of that fixes the RTH problem. If it requires re-write of the code then probably no.

    My reasoning behind this is mainstream dRonin development has stopped, and it’s hard being a one man development team. There’s many parts of dRonin I still have not dug into, and in some ways I think effort would better put into something like iNav, which is significantly more active.

    There’s simply too many bells and whistles missing from dRonin that users want, and since the autotune feature does not work too well on the Tri LR, the point of using dRonin is somewhat diminished.

    Not a good answer I know……



    Haven’t posted for a while because I haven’t flown for a while. Back to it today though and took out the Tri LR. I had previous issues with direction home arrow, postition hold, and RTL not working right.

    I played with and (think) the right orientation for my GPS/mag sensor unit. My distance and direction home still wasn’t wokring right…like way off. It hit me that I didn’t go into the menu and ‘set current position as home’. I did so and, wow, distance and direction home was working right. When I enabled position hold and RTL the frame would pitch up some and start drifting backwards. I’m not sure if that’s because my mag orientation offset is not quite correct or not (need to play with right side up or up side down orientation still).

    It would be nice if dRonin set actual arm position as the current home vs having to manually do it each flight. Not a huge problem. From my testing of different firmwares dRonin seems to be the one that flies the tricopter the best.

    Thanks for your continued work on this @jihlein. I hope you can iron out a few more things before dRonin goes stale. Like I mentioned, dRonin for Tricopters flies my Tricopter LR the best.



    Hi there, I’m currently waiting for my parts to arrive, in the meantime I wanted to nail down what I’ll need to do. So far from my searches, all tricopter firmwares are not under active development by their communities.

    Is dRonin the best alternative for getting a TriLR in the air and flying smoothly? TriFlight? BetaFlight? I intend my TriLR to be a pilot-input FPV UAV, so, if I’m doing away with anything else, what would be my goto? (i.e. no GPS, no Autonomous flying, no hold position, no hold altitude, etc…)

    I was pointed to this thread, but I’m not sure I’d want to read 40 pages of comments to find out the status of dRonin. I’d appreciate the summary/gists.



    Along with dRonin, tricopter setup is supported in Betaflight and Arducopter at least. I have tried all three and it seems dRonin for tricopters has provided the best flight performance. Position hold and RTL has been a challenge for me to get working…if that’s not a big deal for you then it shouldn’t be a huge issue.

    As for the Tricopter LR setup. My buddy and I have fought since day one in trying to get smooth flight/video results from the frame. My solution finally came to running the recommended power setup on 4S and use 7″ triblade props. Once I did/tested that it flew great…3S and 2-blade props just never worked out for me.



    I must say, mine flies really well with dRonin.
    I’m flying with 8″ and on 3s.
    I only have to get rid of some slight tail oscillation and am still in the dark on what to tweak.

    I cannot get any gps funtions to work but I think that is because they are not implemented or fixed yet.

    I tried this from post 62439
    Enable path planner, vtol path planner and added the right filters.

    It keeps complaining about my magnetometer .. which i don’t have.
    Do I need a compass for these settings or can I disable it somewhere.

    My tri will not arm because of this and keeps saying no path planner active or something something



    You will need a compass for these modules to be happy and permit arming. Note that the nav solution must also be valid to arm.

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