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    Hi there,

    mid last year i bought and assembled the tri lr with the kakute F4V2, i have only now had time to get this project finished. I use a surface pro and have flashed the firmware to the fc and have no issue connecting the fc to betaflight, however when it comes to Dronin i seem to have hit a road block.

    dRonin cant seem to find or connect to the kakute F4V2, not sure what im doing wrong but if anyone has any suggestions on how to get it to work it would be bloody fantastic!!!

    cheers from NZ.


    The hex file you should install is in the dronin files under firmware.
    After you install that you should reboot the board by unplugging it then plugging it back again and it should work then.


    Hi There! im looking for some documentation on how to calibrate the current measurement in dronin, I could not find anything so far in internet. I´m guessing that we need to adjust the calibration factor in a similar fashions as we do in Betaflight, but I´m not sure… any idea?


    Hi guys,
    I have some problems getting the kakute f4v2 aio or the kakute f4v2 to work with the servo. I checked M1-M3 with oszilloscope and i can see the PWM on these channels. M4 is on 3.3V ish.
    on LED I cannot see any PWM. I tested it in test mode of Trironin. I tested 2 different servos. Both are not moving any millimeter. On the feedback channel I can measure correct voltage for middle position. GND and 5V are OK on the servos.
    Any ideas what I can try to do?

Viewing 4 posts - 631 through 634 (of 634 total)
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