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    Question, have the dRonin Dev’s addressed the Virus warning issue with GCS?

    Windows 10, Malwarebytes and several other security programs Flag it for Trojan / Malware. Cloxer.D!cl was found on my “old” laptop that is really only used for Betaflight and dRonin. When Win-Defender finished its sweep it had quarantined the dRonin executable. I had to “allow” dRonin within all security platforms just to get it running again as a clean install wont work, once its detected.


    Ok i have the Tri-Mini setup using the following:

    (Screen Shot attached showing firmware used)
    Uart2 S-Bus
    ADC2 for Feedback
    D-Shot 300
    Triflight Enabled
    Virtual Servo disabled
    Mixer Tab similar to your settings (Reply #60665) except NW and NE motors are swapped. Not sure why that is but thats what I’ve gotten to work. Yet be aware that i have stock wiring on the Tri-Mini as per David’s recomendations.

    Thus far the following works (individually) under bench / GCS conditions:

    BMS Servo
    All Motors spin the right way.
    Bench Tailtune (spd 240 ish) yet felt very sloppy and delayed somehow.

    What is 100% misbehaving:

    Armed the copter without props only to see the motors and Servo act as if power were being continuously reset. Got all sorts of tones from the ESC’s as if they were drunk. Will try to “calibrate” them to see if this sorts things out. Otherwise I’ll drop down to Sync-PWM and re-verify.

    Side note need to check this battery’s voltage too just in case it’s going flat.


    Ok, just swapped in another battery and have the same issue on the Tri-Mini FC / dRonin.

    Dropped down to Sync-PWM to see that the ECS’s are performing the startup tones / resetting as “Arm” & throttle is applied. They did previously calibrate, yet the motors do not spin much. Keep in mind, that in the GCS Output-Tab all was well as the motors spun up individually. Just a wild guess but I am wondering if the timing between ESC’s is off and thus the ESC’s are falling out of sync with each other?

    Note: The BMS Servo is behaving thus far but it feels VERY jittery.



    Tri V4 with cage got Autotuned and Tailtuned in air. It flies better than triflight and inav.
    Now to get Gps and baro going. Maybe will have nav possibilities.
    Once more thank you jihlein for you efforts.
    Test flown it in air for 10 min and no issues.
    On the bench while doing Transmitter wizard board can freeze. But after few tries it went to the end.


    Hello all, long time since I was here or even was in the air.

    Got Davids new Babytri setup to find the fun in flying again after some issues at home, flawless build and install on bf .7beta3 all is working as it should.

    have installed the dronin software as in davids vid bud all I get whatever I do is a spin of death when arming and try to take of.

    Flew 3 packs today on bf so what the hell have I missed out on?


    m1: tail
    servo on led (m4 in dronin)


    Please post a picture of the output pane, I suspect the tail servo is setup backwards and needs to be reversed


    ill reinstall dronin during the evening and get pics up. ya that could be the issue. or when you sa it it have to be, the servo is moving the same way as yaw stick when armed on dronin but it should move the other way right? controls left, servo right. only thing didn’t think of


    The servo was the problem 😛 saw it all the times I tested but didn’t think about it, but dang it was easy to “remap” the motors. Will be a interesting day with attuning tomorrow.


    Babytri with kakute f4v2
    Amaxinno 2306/2500kv dimitid edit
    Airbot 40amp esc
    Caddx turtles
    Akk ultimat fx2 v2
    FrSky R9mini+

    Im sure ill come back for more help, Dronin is something new so feels like im back at the start of this..

    THNX @jihlein


    I don’t know if this has already been covered. Will Dronin support TBS smart audio?

    Thanks, Jerry


    Update: Today I have flown 2 batteries on V4 Dronin F3FC integrated and flights were amazing. Just a little bit of tailwag. The best firmware for tricopters in existance. I am shocked how good it flies. Spent with two batteries abot 20 min in air. So freaking happy.

    @jihlein @lauka thank you for your efforts ince again.

    I have managed even to fly between trees because it handles so good. Also one backflip and roll done.


    Very cool. Have you run the autotune? My experience is that after the autotune, zeroing out the yaw D term will remove the last of the tail shakes.

    I’ll merge the SPI changes into my main branch since you’ve had a successful flight test.

    I’m working on two things right now – seeing if I can squeeze the necessary modules in the F3Fc for nav (I think I can, but will need to remove some of the lesser used rx protocols, keeping only SBUS, PPM, DSM), and adding the framework for ESC telemetry.


    I use TBS crossfire. Autotune and Tailtune done in air. New PIDs are applied. But I didn.t zeroed D term on yaw.


    I’m trying to get my tri V4 set up with dronin and the configurator keeps crashing at like the second step of the setup wizard. Does anyone else have this problem? I downloaded the configurator straight from the link at the start of this thread so IDK where I could maybe download a different version.


    @djw319 – the latest build is posted in post #60635, back one page.

    Which board are you using? Given a V4, I’m thinking the Integrated F3Fc?

    I have to admit I’ve not checked the setup wizard for functionality, I always set everything up manually, with the sole exception of the Configuration Wizard on the RC Input tab of the Input pane for setting up the RX. That way I know exactly what I’ve got configured.


    Yeah, I’m using the F3FC

    Whenever I plug in the board, the connection indicator in the bottom right-hand corner continually connects and then randomly disconnects. I thought it was a cable issue but I switched cables and the same thing happened, plus it was fine to flash the firmware through betaflight.

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