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    My setup is the kit on the website with the Kakute F4 V2, about a year ago I started the project and had to set it a side. Just picked it back up as I now have an abundance of free time and I seem to be running in to a few major problems.
    – Tail Tune/Servo Call does nothing when enabled
    For reference I confirmed my servo feedback wire is connected to the rssi/adc2 port and I am getting servo position changes under the data tab under settings.
    – Stock settings are unflyable
    The copter doing one of two things, flipping straight forward or straight backward. Hand launching will at least get it flying but the pitch feels extremely delayed while the whole aircraft is extremely shaky causing the motors and escs to get hot and the ESC reset before I can get anywhere with autotune.
    – I seem to not be able to reset my Kakute to just start over again
    Betaflight will not go in to bootloader mode, when the board is in bootload mode, beta flight does not see it on two different computers. The setup wizard in dRonin will not get past sensor call, it hangs and the whole software crashes.

    What I would like to due is get back to square one and reload the firmware on to the kakute board and see if I some how messed something up. Any ideas on where to start or how to address some of these issues?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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