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    Hello, my minitricopter has been sitting on a shelf for a long time. Thinking about getting it out to fly. What is the current state of triflight features in BF? What do I need to know to get it updated with the latest firmware and tuned up to fly? I took a look at the triflight setup guide. Maybe I didn’t go back far enough in the history, but I wasn’t getting a clear picture of the current best practices for minitricopter on BF.

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    Triflight hasn’t seen some love in about a year. However the biggest issue here is the lack of Blackbox logging to assist in tuning. Beyond that Triflight does “work” but so does BF 3.5 if your willing to spend a little more time tuning it.

    IMO, if your FC can handle it, dRonin is the way to go. Quite simply the Autotune is fantastic. Like i said though, not all of the F3FC boards will flash properly. Mine wont and I’ve tried several times to no avail.


    @Kevin_Eric, have you had a chance to try my latest build on your F3Fc?

    Still scratching my head as to why it works fine on the F3Fc racing but has issues on the frame integrated board. The only difference between them that I know of (other than the form factor) is the racing board does not have the MS5611 pressure sensor.

    If the latest build does not work on your board, I’ve got one more thing we can try.


    @jihlein Haven’t touched the Mini in 2 weeks due to ongoing work on the F405-Baby and F405-Chameleon. Both have horrible issues with the FPV being coming washed out. And both have problematic motors that seam to need new bells. (Roll drift)

    I could try loading it up tomorrow and report back on a new thread.



    Sent you results via Email.



    I think I was in the same situation. Got it to work.
    See report in post #58913

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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