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    Hi all,
    I need some opinions/advice for troubleshooting my air disaster.

    Aircraft: V4 with 900kv motors (9*5 props), 20A littlebee esc, Triflight 0.5 (tuned), FPV, F3 integrated FC, battery 4S 3000 mah, Frsky XSR receiver (SBUS), buzzer installed. Wiring is excellent, soldering clean and strong. Antenna placement by the book.

    Place of flight: very big meadow with no obstacles. Fall occured cca 30-40 meters from me from a height of 10-11 meters. Aircraft was going toward me and was pitched forward at small angle.

    Flight: Was cruising very gentle (slow), radio link was at 85%, FPV link worked flawlessly, battery was at cca 80%. And suddenly V4 pitched down and I have crashed to the ground. I had no control over tri, FPV feed was excellent. It just pitched down and dropped from sky like a rock. Broke an arm but wires are OK. Tried to rearm and worked normally. Noticed that problem is not from failsafe. Motors and ESC not even warm.

    What happened? Where to look for possible issues? I recall that once when flying for a split second I have lost control (no crash).

    Thanks in advance.


    HI there ,
    This kind of faults can only be assigned to a definite loss of power to any of the motors. Check your ESC’s and make sure they are not overheating . Check your power cables and the power distribution.
    No rc product falls off the sky all of a sudden if there is power and the motors are spinning.
    Or at least that is my take on this
    Good luck finding the faulty component.


    Sounds like a disarm. Do you have an OSD on your FPV link, and/or do you have a DVR recording of it? Double check your arming configuration in the configurator and that there is plenty of PWM room on either side of the arm points. Jiggle your arm switch and see if your channel varies at all. Is it possible you bumped the arm switch in flight?



    Hi! Thanks for advices. Arming was not the case!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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