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    Hi all
    About to rebuild the miniTri. Should I flash the FC with the hex-file from rcexplorers website (triflight_0_5_ALPHA2_servo_release_RCE.hex) or use the new RCexplorerF3 v1 14.2 from the firmware flasher in CleanFlight?



    Take the Triflight 0.5 release from github: https://github.com/lkaino/Triflight/releases/tag/0.5

    Betaflight is another good alternative, but it doesn’t have the Triflight yaw improvements yet.

    I’ll start working on merging the stuff to betaflight when the weather improves.



    Thanks. I assume it is the triflight_0_5_F3FC.hex that is the correct hex for the integrated RCexplorer F3FC board?

    Was just confused a bit. In the Cleanflight Configurator v. 1.2.4 one can choose RCEXPLORERF3 board and “v1.14.2 – RCexplorerF3” from 31.12.2016. It looked like this was the newest firmware.


    Dave Mak

    The RCEXPLORERF3 targets in plain/stock clean/beta-flight can work, but lack the special tricopter specific code that lauka implemented. If you want to simplify the tuning process and get a tail configuration that works well, stick with triflight until the triflight code can be merged with other software.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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