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    So I picked up this board for cheap at Banggood, planning to stick it in a custom 4″ frame I’m working on, mostly just a fun project to try something different (been flying quads for the last 3 years after building a tricopter from Davids plans around 2016).

    However, I didn’t look at the pinout enough and I am having a hard time deciding if it is even possible to get this thing working with a tricopter. Here are my questions:

    -Is there a dronin (tri version) that will work? I installed the software in Davids Dronin setup post, but Triflight Settings shows up greyed out in the system menu. When I went ahead without it, the tail servo is totally uncontrollable.

    -If I can’t do Dronin, what kind of pinnout/resource mapping should I try in Triflight? I have the motors all working, but can’t get the servo to do anything connected to the M4 output of the flight controller (which worked in Dronin).

    Hoping someone might have messed with this board or a similar one and have some suggestions?!


    This board isn’t ideal for tricopters. The following “might” work. 🙂

    For either of these two options, the connections between the board and actuators are as follows:
    S1 output to a motor
    S2 output to a motor
    S4 output to a motor
    LED strip output to servo

    The correct target would be the Revolution, it’s rumored to work on the OmniBus boards. It does not, however, support the triflight algorithms. The servo will be on output 5 in dRonin.

    With the OmniBusF4 target, you would need to use the resource mapping tool to swap the S3 and LED output function pins. No triflight support here either.

    I’ve never used the Revolution target, nor this board, but the above suggestion is from analyzing both the Revolution and OmniBusF4 target files, so this is likely to require some experimenting to get it to work.


    Thanks for the info. The Revolution target did work, I was just unclear if I could get triflight algorithms with it. If I can’t get beta/triflight to work I’ll fall back to the standard dronin and try to tweak the tune.

    I’ll give the LED pin a try, that was my next option to try, so glad to hear my thinking was on the right track.

    PS- thanks for your work on dronin, you guys that are willing and able to tackle this stuff are a huge benefit to the community!


    I never added the Triflight algorithms to the Revo target as I have no way to test them. Let me know if you get the basic tricopter flying with the connections mentioned above. If that does indeed work, it’s a simple thing to add the algorithms, I’ll add them in the next release I’m working on.


    If you can add it that would be great!

    I did get it working with dronin, using M1,M2,M3 for motors and M4 for the servo. Idk if there is a way to test the LED for feedback, but I think that may work.

    I have some crazy twitching in the tail servo, but it may be a combination of frame, servo quality, and vibrations on the board. I have some plans to try and address some of this.

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    Hi, I’m also keen to try TriRonin via the Revo/omnibusF4 target if you can add the algorithms.

    Just setting up with a HGLRC Flame F4 V2 with motors on S1,2,4 and servo working fine on S3. No feedback wire but would be good to have the option on LED or S6 later.

    Would very much appreciate access to the triflight features. Would otherwise switch to the normal BF/TF but sad to see no TF support for Revo/omnibusF4 on a bf3.2.2 build there either.

    [Edit: nevermind, trying BF4.1.0 with the new feedforward 2]

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