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    Hi, I just ordered a mini trirotor the other day, and now I’m trying to find all the rest of the stuff I’ll need. I ordered the electronics kit with it as well.

    I need to get a decent transmiter and receiver. My local shop has a nice Spektrum DX6 that I was going to get, but it doesn’t support PPM(at least I don’t think it does). David recommends using PPM in the build video, and I like not having so many extra wires everywhere. Should I just go with Spektrum and whatever receiver they use, or should I keep looking?

    Next up, I need batteries. I’ve found two that look very similar, but I don’t have enough experience with this stuff to tell why one costs so much more than the other, or which I should get. This one: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=54364 or this one: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__19121__Turnigy_nano_tech_1800mah_4S_65_130C_Lipo_Pack.html one is a little heavier, but not by much.

    Then there’s FPV gear. I’m going to order the recommended camera. The problem I’m having is finding somewhere that sells a set of the goggles alone, and not in a kit with a camera. I’m only looking for entry level goggles, not anything fancy at this point.

    I think that’s all I need. I guess I’ll figure that part out when everything arrives.

    Any help is appreciated!



    Turns out I’m not going to get the recommended camera. People are reporting lag. Anyone have a good camera they like?


    Hi mate.

    I’m relatively new too so here is some advice from me recently learning (I built a 250 quad with Naze32 & almost finished my Tri-Mini). Note this is just my (novice) opinion!

    In terms of the Tri-copter (versus a 250 quad) – one issue you may find (if you are a scrub like me) is the lack of info on the internet. So these forums are really your friend! Stuff like working out how to reverse the tri’s servo from CLI was a pain to find (my googling probably needs work) and working out the motor outputs from NAZE32 board – since I’m using an old Naze board. Its when stuff doesn’t work quite as it should that it gets hard. The normal assembly is a piece of cake.

    Take your time & find the right gear- don’t rush decisions or tradeoffs just because something is in stock. Same with initial test flights- ensure everything is 100% before trying to fly it to avoid crashing and breaking bits.

    For the battery- this one (not linked in your post) was what Dave recommended (its a bit cheaper than your option – and if you calculate the number of required Amps for the ESCs should be enough to avoid brownouts.)

    Obviously you need a decent charger too (again do your research- lots of gotchas)

    For the goggles- I recommend getting the quanum goggles. They are cheap… and you can always upgrade later and they can be a set for a friend.

    You’ll obviously need a transmitter/receiver to go with that- pretty cheap on HK- ensure you get 32 channels.

    I need to get a decent transmiter and receiver. My local shop has a nice Spektrum DX6 that I was going to get, but it doesn’t support PPM(at least I don’t think it does). David recommends using PPM in the build video, and I like not having so many extra wires everywhere. Should I just go with Spektrum and whatever receiver they use, or should I keep looking?

    Probably the biggest mistake I made was getting a Spektrum radio – I went the the local RC store and the guy was like ‘you need this one’. I should have researched online first- but trusted them as experts.

    Suggest you research this yourself as you may find spektrum is for you…. just don’t rush into it or necessarily listen to your local hobby shop as (in my area) they aren’t really into Multirotors – more traditional RC.

    If I was going to do it again, I would go for a Taranis radio with FrSky D4R-II receiver.

    Transmitter (example link!!!)

    The receiver is:
    * small (this is really important on the mini tri)
    * relatively cheap
    * programmable (think you need an arduino or similar)
    * diversity aerials
    * good quality product – not some 3rd party thing.
    * PPM (less wires – less to fail, less weight, tidier, etc)
    * telemetry – rssi, voltage, etc

    (you can get some / all of these features on your receiver with a Spektrum setup… but there seems to be a tradeoff)
    * small- you can use a ‘satellite’ receiver (official product) – but you need a full receiver to pair it so it gets pricey plus doesn’t have ppm – i think
    * cheap – spektrum stuff is expensive. There are 3rd party ones like OrangeRx and LemonRx that are cheaper but people have reported quality issues & harder to get info on these

    I use this receiver with my DX8i spektrum- gives me telemetry and PPM. But its LARGE and I worry that it may brown-out (as not official).

    The transmitter’s benefits (depending on model, I guess):
    * upgradable / can use open source software
    * voice + vibrate
    * widely used – easy to find help
    * more advanced than spektrum- can do some really cool stuff in the software


    So, first mistake I made is I bought a cheap transmitter. Sent it to the bin and bought another compromise. Don’t repeat that and definitely go with Taranis Plus and D4R-II.

    The batteries you listed are both good. First one should be awesome, never tried it, too expensive for me for something that can just blow up on impact. The second one is a solid choice with some power to spare. The one suggested above is on the limit of what will work full throttle. I would definitely go a bit above that, so your second choice would probably be golden.

    I do agree on Quanum V2, very solid piece of kit. The receiver I would suggest for it is this one: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-FPV-5_8G-32CH-Wireless-AV-Receiver-RC832-p-975426.html. It’s small and light enough and has all 32 channels you might need.
    If you also want to record the footage on the receiver, this should be a good solution: http://www.banggood.com/Aomway-RX004-DVR-5_8G-32CH-Video-Receiver-With-Built-In-Video-Recorder-p-953562.html, although it is a bit heavy and won’t fit the pocket in the goggles.

    If you want plug and play FPV that will fit the tricopter, get this set: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-CCD-700tvl-110-160-Degree-Camera-Lens-w-5_8G-FPV-Transmitter-p-977402.html
    If you want to be legal, you can use this transmitter instead: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-ET25-5_8G-32CH-25mW-7-24V-Super-Light-Transmitter-p-991026.html
    The camera is available separately: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-CCD-700TVL-148-Degree-Lens-FPV-Camera-p-977401.html
    But CCD 600TVL Sony cameras from surveilzone.com are highly recommended by everyone, so if you’re buying this stuff separately, look at these, not tried it myself as I’m quite happy with the cameras from my links above. I have no link to that camera at hand, unfortunately.


    Thanks guys! Lots of good info for me to go through here. I’m going to save the link to that transmiter/receiver combo. I’m also surprised at how good the prices are on that banggood site.

    I’ll look for that Sony camera. The thing that deterred me from the other Sony cameras was the WDR feature. It improves the image, but people are reporting that it costs you some latency.

    I paused the build video and found the transmiter David used. It’s a hitec ultima.


    That was supposed to say Optima.


    Thats the RC receiver not transmitter- Hitec TX/RX is meant to be very good too, from what I’ve read.


    I highly recommend the 600 tvl sony supper had. I use it on everything and has no lag. The gotcha (and with others) is that there is a watch cristal on the back of it (a sliver cylinder with two bare wires coming out of one side) that will vibrate and break. You need to glue it down with some hot glue or secure it with some double sided foam tape. If the cristal breaks during flight, your screen will go black and you will see nothing.

    Also highly recommend the Taranis if you don’t already have a radio.

    Also, if you don’t want the risk of getting fined by the fcc with a higher power video transmitter (higher than 25mw) get an amateur radio license. This is a lot simpler than you think. Just involves reading a study book and taking a multiple choice test (if you are in the states).


    Hitec transmitter with the same functionality as Taranis will probably cost you twice as much. It’s simply the best bang for the buck you can get now.

    And you can watch other videos on the same channel, there’s also one about 600 tvl sony ccd camera there. Here it is:


    Cool! Lots of stuff for me to look through tomorrow. Didn’t order anything tonight, but I’ll start in on it tomorrow.

    Yeah, I meant receiver, but typed transmiter. Also typed ultima instead of optima. Guess I was distracted or something.

    I’m in New York State actually. Have many people been fined? Is it a ham license you need? I’ll have to check it out.

    For the crystal, how about a bead of silicon?

    I’ve seen that guys channel, seems pretty good. I’ll watch those videos in the morning(it’s 12:30am here).

    Thanks again guys!


    Ham is another term for amateur radio in the states. The fcc is turning a blind eye on this 5.8GHz stuff right now, but you don’t want the attention of the fcc. Not only you can be fined, they also can take your equipment. Another good thing about being licensed, if you mistakenly interfere with someone else’s signal, ie a secerity system that uses 5.8ghz, then it is not your fault. You sill can’t knowingly interfere with there system, but accidents are ok.

    Good video from IBCrazy on this topic

    Some info on getting licenced


    I finally convinced myself to spend some money on the so much recommended Sony super HAD CCD 600 TVL in two variants. Should be here in 2-3 weeks time. (:


    Just ordered my 600 TVL as well. It said 7-15 days. Hope it’s quick. I’ll probably order the Taranis tomorrow or the next day, then I think I’ll just have the FPV transmiter and goggles left.

    What kinda props should I stockpile? I’m seeing that some guys run glass filled or carbon filled props. Can you notice a difference?

    Got a shipment notification yesterday that my mini tricopter has shipped. Looking forward to the build!


    Get HQ 6045, this is what @David sends and you will have no tuning to do when changing the props. They probably are carbon reinforced nylon anyway. (:


    Cool, thanks

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