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    I have flown my tri for two batteries today, I wanted a ask a couple of questions about the flight of this.

    When I am trying to hold altitude there seems to be “climb” and “descend” there isn’t a setting which seems to hold it in place, or is this my inexperience in flying?

    When I tilt forward to move obviously the throttle needs to increase or it will fall, is this something I do, or automatic?

    Apart from that I really enjoyed the flight… except for the bit when the servo spacer came out and the tri just plummeted from the sky :D, anyone have a stl file for that bit??


    Ouch! Never had any parts of the tri coming loose in flight yet, apart from the prop. Make sure you zip-tie it better next time! The stl files are on the bottom of the product page, BTW.

    You will eventually become better at flying. Holding the altitude is all about predicting when to add and when to lower the throttle. It will never be static, but you can come very close to that.

    You do need to add throttle when tilting. I’m actually working on auto-throttle now, so I will provide a hex when I’m done. It will not magically hold the copter at the same altitude, it will only adjust for the tilt angle. Will probably only work well for angles up to ~50 degrees and leisure flying. No crazy rolls on auto-throttle.


    I was practicing, then decided to have a go at FPV, I ended up gaining a bit too much height, panicking and dropping the throttle.

    Destroyed two props and I think that is when I broke/loosened the cable ties, though I am not bitter. It is all a learning process and I really enjoyed it all!

    Especially how helpless it looked when it plummeted. Really didn’t notice any other damage so really happy with it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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