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    Hey there,

    I’m struggeling with my new FPV setup on my Mini. I run the recommended camera (2,8mm lens, IR sensitive) with the 25mW 5,8GHz EA machine transmitter.

    My frequency scan on the googles finds the selected channel of the transmitter, but the screen is all black. Does anybody had this before? If s, how did you solve it?

    Thank you for any help.


    Not trying to call you an idiot.

    If you have a black screen it means that you are receiving, and that it isn’t just static.

    Have you;

    Taken the lens cap off?
    Powered the camera?
    Connected the sig to sig?
    Connected the antenna?
    Have enough light?


    Hey @csreades,

    but the image kinda loks static. Since it is all black. 🙁

    To answer your questions:
    Yes the cap is removed.
    The power lines are connected, when tested with the multimeter
    It looks like signal to signal, and tested that wire too. Works.
    Yes I have my Spironet attached
    And yes there is sufficient light on my workbench. 🙂

    Could not get it running up to now. But I know now, that the camera works. Tested it directly on the screen and got an image. 🙂


    How do you power the whole setup? The photo would help.


    Kinda hart to take a photo from the entire setup. Its encapsulated in the frame… But basically its a double of David’s setup of the buld video. I’ll try to draw something soon. 🙂


    I may have a few ideas. It might help. If your camera and transmitter came as a kit together it might be off a channel. If it didn’t come as a kit the transmitter and camera could work at the same voltage. Ex a fatshark transmitter has a 5 bold supply for a 5 volt camera. A boscam transmitter has a through voltage for the camera. Means you supply 12v to the transmitter you supply the camera with 12v. 5v camera is toast. A 12v camera on a fatshark system never gets enough juice to fire it up.
    If you know both are getting the correct voltage and everything is on the exact channel. Then your video out from the camera and the ground wire could be backwards witch could invert the signal. That usually will give you a blank raster with a line running down the side of the screen (usually white or gray)

    My best guess is to pull it from your setup and re-setup the for system and make sure it works before to stuff it back in to the tricopter. Good luck!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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