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    Hi !

    I try to get my telemetry going but every time I plug in my battery I got a low battery/critical battery sound from my taranis.
    I have discoverd new sensors and I have set up the logical switches to:
    14,70V as a low Volt alarm with 3sec delay and my critical voltage( 14.00V ) with 3sec delay aswell.

    I run a Tattu 4S/14,8/1800mAh/75C

    When I go in to cleanflight CLI the voltage scale i set to 110, but would it not be 167 ?
    When I changed to 167 and check the voltage in cleanflight it says that I got 25.50Volts ??
    I missing something, im totally new at this problem.

    And another problem, I tryed to fly some FPV yesterday and I did a hard flat landning but its flyes.
    The only thing that happend where that when I armed the motors they would spin up, but my left motor get some flicking stuff going on, but it spins up after some seconds.
    But do you think its a bad solder problem or a bad ecs?


    Regarding the battery warnings, you might want to try following this video:



    Will check it out 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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