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    I am giving away some spare PCBs for adding a U-Blox M8N Neo GPS receiver to a 30mm flight stack. I had to order 5 pieces (MOQ at JLCPCB) when i designed it last year for my Tricopter LR, so i have 4 spare ones.

    Contact me if you need one. They are free, you just have to cover shipping from Germany. Hope that someone can use them!

    All the passives (except for L1, unfortunately) are 1206 size, so it can be made mostly from the FabLab standard inventory and should be easy to hand solder.

    The design is tested and works great on my tricopter.

    Here’s the BOM:
    D1: 1N4148
    D2: LED Green
    D3: LED Red
    R1: 10R
    R2: 1k
    R3: 1k
    R4: 1k
    C1: 47pF
    C2: 10?F
    C3: 1?F
    J1: SMD U.FL Connector (eg. Mouser 798-U.FL-R-SMT01)
    U1: NEO-M8N
    U2: AMS1117-3.3
    L1: LQG15HS27NJ02D (0402 size)
    BT1: 20mm pitch 2016 coin cell holder (eg. Mouser 122-7520-GR)

    For an extra euro or two i can add all the passives to the package, so the only parts you need to get are the M8N, the U.FL connector and the coin cell holder.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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