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    I’ve been tempted by David & his tricopters for years, but timing was never right. I’ve got the itch again, and this time things are aligned more in my favor.

    I’m a truck driver now, so every night is a different venue. It could be the wooded section of beautiful rest area, the back of a truck stop, or a deserted warehouse lot. Plenty to be seen, & little to no foot traffic.

    I’m not really after the racers aspect of multi rotors, more of a sight seer. A leisurely explorer if you will. So I seek the guidance of the experienced.

    I’m looking for help with a shopping list, both electronics & tools wise. I have a taranis & the lr9 module (possibly good for cutting busy industrial 2.4ghz traffic) avail. I have some tools. I have no fpv gear.

    Baby tri + boards + electronics = $253 (plus tax n such)
    What tools do I need at hand to assemble?
    What batteries will give the longest flights?

    What fpv gear to get?
    Preferably not more costly than the rig it’s going on? Is that an unreasonable price point for an fpv kit? If it is, please suggest a more real world buy in. I’d love $600 fatsharks, I just can’t start there.



    First off, kinda need to know what your experiance level is and what gear you already have on hand?

    If your super new as in never flown, then I’d get the basic Taranis and maybe a bind-n-fly 3” quad to cut your teeth on. Those 3” quads are pretty cheep and ultra durable, which makes them great platforms to learn from.

    Other than that, you’ll need soldering tools, an Ohm meter and a dedicated work space. Once you have all that and feel froggy, get your kit and stick 100% to David’s build video. You’ll encounter fewer issues and be up and running quicker too. Another thing, Davids kits dont include stuff like the receiver, camera or VTX. You’ll have to source those on your own and most likely have the greatest number of issues with that stuff. Fortunately, most of the common stuff s pretty strait forward and there are tons of folks that will chime in to help you in a pinch.

    Be warned however, get quality gear as its true what they say… You get what you pay for.


    Fair questions.

    Been flying fixed wings for 6yrs. I ran a 450 hk heli for a few months like 4yrs ago, hatred it. I also have one cheap brushed & geared 5 inch syma, which still lives to this day.

    Have the electronic & soldering equip. Just got a quality hexdriver set.

    I have two turnigy 9, a taranis 9, a taranis qx7.

    Sadly with the lack of stock, general inactivity in all the tricopter forums, & my tight scheduling requirements for home time… I ended up dropping my money on a well supported 6″ quad build. I just don’t have time to be hunting/hoping for support.


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    Still a multi-rotor though, all good, all good.

    Happy flying Mate, may your RSSI be strong.

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