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    I started building this damned thing about 13 years ago and I’m an old git not used to these computer things, so can’t set the firmware up on it. Anyone in u k south London area that could help set it up, even better still do it and teach me. I’m in Epsom Surrey and am mobile so can travel, if this is an option anyone can help over the internet.
    Regards Stuart



    Considering the state of things on the forums, you’ve a few choices.
    1) Read through the old posts here as most of what you’ll want has already been written about.
    2) Post / Read the threads on RCGroups.
    3) Goto an RC meet / fly, thats local to you

    No matter what you choose, you’d need to teach yourself whats needed. After all Tricopters are not for those afraid of learning the how-to skills, no matter your age. Now if it were as simple as jumping in a car to come help you I’m sure you’d of managed this by now. (BTW i’m in Germany, previously a UK man from Crew)


    Heya, I’m regularly in and around Surrey if that helps, Have a V4, and once this pandemic is over could meet in the middle somewhere.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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