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    Today while disasembling the Tricopter, it fell from the table damaging one of the carbon arms. The fall wasn’t so bad as was me stepping on it while trying to pick it back up. No biggy as the arm can be replaced easily.

    However, what I didn’t realize at the time is that one of the pads from the FC to the ECS got ripped out. (+ signal wire) Also add to this that I discovered why the Baro sensor stopped working. The baro sensors cap or lid had somehow came lose and was floating around inside the front spacer. Been like this during the whole last week I suspect as Tri lost the Baro sensor over the prior weekend. (Had over a dozen or so flights during the week) Obviously none of this is going to be repairable being that the FC is a intergrated multilayer board.

    While I want to rebuild and get Tr back up and flying, I dont want to have the same vulnerabilities as before. In a nuttshell I’d like to swap over to a non-intergrated FC. Assuming this is possible, how can this be accomplished and has anyone performed this mod?

    Note: I flew a set of Master Air Screw props (6×4.5x3BN) earlier today, they’re fantastic. Was able to hover with just 6.2 Amps combined current draw. (F80-1900kv motors) By far the best propellers I’ve tried this far.


    Use two carbon bottom plates from the RC Explorer replacement parts for 10bucks a piece & drill a couple of holes to suit most common PDB & FC’s…
    You could even use the PDB from the mini, along with it’s accompanying FC- you’ve just got to work out where to place them…
    Above the plates & you can’t run battery in quite the right spot so need to under-mount battery, but that changes CoG in another plane…
    Perhaps best mout stack under bottom plate, or even to try & squeeze in between the plates, but that would be a lot like the older versions, hopefully an new FC/PDB AIO comes out soon that can handle all the latest Betaflight & iNav features! 🙂

    (Ive been doing some thinking along these lines myself..lol!)


    Yeah i had considered this with the extra carbon plate but knowing me I’d mess up the hole placement somehow. Another thing too is the height of the stack. The carbon arms are 10mm thick which doesnt leave much room for PBC / FC unless a standoff is used. Using a standoff would mean the arms would need to be redone as they would no longer be sandwiched between the two plates. If i were to go that extreme i’d just design and build my own frame. (which is looking more and more like a possibility

    Beyond that, i had considered inverting the whole tricopter so that the canopy was on the bottom. This would require landing skids, which I’ve in bound from a firm in the States. If all goes well I should recieve both 40mm and 60mm carbon legs thats are modeled from heli’s skids. This should prove to be both robust and light.

    Once the kids are in bed I’ll post pics.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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