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    Using a Taranis you can easily assign e.g. a switch to a specific throttle position overriding the actual stick position, so that easy hovering, landing or just a panic flight mode cane be done.
    But really that takes out the fun of this hobby.
    Using a Taranis you can position the throttle stick in the center with a spring witch is already mounted in the gimbals and use it like a Dji TX.
    For using Using EZgui you can connect a Bluetooth module to one of your UART or maybe Softserial ports. Sure it has to be used!!!

    So all options you requested are allready out. It’s just you and your imagination to do it.



    Hi sorry for the late reply,

    To be honest I had to look that one up. USB on THE GO… hmmmm my old cellphone repair days left me at the old NOKIA serial breakout cables. But I ordered this one Micro USB 5 pin Male To Mini USB 5 Pin Male Adapter Converter Data Cable. But I’m getting a OTG cable for future USB… things. BTW I’m still using NOKIA, android one that is.

    A bit a added sarcasm below… but I’m still getting one. Snif snif what’s burning? O I forgot that’s the DJI MAVIC PRO burning a hole in my pocket hahahaha



    Excuse me for wandering into the middle of this conversation but it sounds like you guys have pretty much described two entirely different branches of the hobby that by their very nature should probably remain separate.

    On the one hand you have semi-autonomous drones, which provide all kinds of advanced features like hold-in-place, return-to-home, and programmed routes. These features are very appealing to a certain type of pilot.

    On the other hand you have multi-rotors with almost no assisted modes other than self-leveling, which is often considered “training wheels” to help you learn to fly acro. Speed and aerobatics are priorities. This is an entirely different type of flying.

    If you’re coming into tricopters from a DGI type of quad you may be expecting more automation and fall into the first category. If you’ve come into tricopters after flying helicopters or racing style quads you’ll likely be in the second category.

    If you do fall into the second category the odds are good that weight is a concern and you are stripping your tricopter down to the very basic things required to fly in acro only in the style of Naze32 Acro FC’s, which are stripped down for just this reason.

    While many in the first group may be just as interested in modifying firmware to enhance their automation and using the SPI, or I2C bus to add additional sensors. Pretty cool stuff.

    This is just my opinion but I think if you try to combine both groups into a single flight controller/firmware package that neither group will be very satisfied. I think this is one of the reasons Boris forked Cleanflight to create Betaflight–a firmware package where acro and speed are everything and even basic self-leveling is kind of an afterthought.



    Hi @marlon!

    First of all, great work hooking up the GPS and OSD! I’ve had my Mini Tricopters just late last year, and to me you’ve done an awesome job figuring things out. If you could create some schematics/how-tos on your setup, I think that would be a big help to other builders too since this information is scattered across the forums.

    About what @quaduino said, yes traditionally there were 2 main branches or disciplines:
    1. Those who wanted a stable aerial platform with GPS-hold, altitude hold, and navigation, which like the DJI Phantom has been traditionally used to take aerial photos and videos and sometimes to conduct survey.
    2. Those who DON’T need their drone to be stable since they want FULL control of the drone’s performance. For example, rolls and flips and aggressive cornering can’t be done by a DJI because it would compromise the “stay in the air” performance of the DJI.

    Many have already said that, but like you I don’t see why we shouldn’t get the best of both worlds. I like how my Mini Tricopter flies right now, very fast and agile. I also have a Phantom myself, which flies smooth and buttery. I wouldn’t use the Phantom when I just want to have fun. But I also don’t want to use my Tricopter when I need to take aerial videos. Different bananas. But I like where you’re going, so I could just use acro mode when I just wanna have fun, and then turn on GPS and altitude hold when I just want to have a relaxed flight.

    I’d like to share a recent discovery I have for a new product on the market called Connex Falcore HD. It is touted as a racing drone that even beginners can race by using what they call SHIELD MODE and even has an auto land function. Shield mode basically gives you altitude hold so you can punch forward, etc. and more importantly stays in the air. I think this is the middle ground, and while others said that the two branches of the hobby should remain separate, they went ahead and made it possible. So, yes if we could reach a point where the tricopter could have something similar to Shield Mode, I think that would make a lot of people happy. 🙂

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