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    Impossible tilt:


    The Gold Standard:

    10 x Tricopter Tilt Mechanism

    Stock up now!!! Save me a couple…

    Personally, I’m having trouble trusting something that I have 3D printed with such a critical component of my Tri’s success. It’s the gold standard for a reason. Convince me otherwise..

    Oh, and if David’s reading, can we please have more Baby PDB’s if we are good? Was it something we said?


    FWIW everyone of my TriCopters has some variant of the 3d printed impossible tilt. My BiCopter has 2 of them. I print them in PLA+, never had one fail……yet.

    They help reduce tail swing my lowering the rotating center of mass. Made a very noticeable improvement on my Tri LR.

    There’s also less friction due to the shorter pivot screw, so I typically see a few more degrees per second servo speed with these too.


    Well, that’s all the convincing I needed.

    If anyone needs me I’ll be in the basement printing and cutting zip ties…..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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