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    As we all know, to use the KakuteF4V2 with a tricopter requires the use of the LED string output to allow separate motor and servo protocols. My branch of dRonin with triflight handles this, and BetaFlight can be made to work using resource management, at the expense of loosing the LED string functionality (there are ways around this, but that’s a different subject).

    Inav is a different story, it needs a new target file. I created one, named KakuteF4V2Tri, and have flown it with success. It supports both the tail servo on LED pad, and LED string on the M4 pad. I submitted a PR to the iNav devs, but it hasn’t been picked up. In 2 weeks it will expire due to inactivity.

    If this is a feature that you would like, it might be helpful to add a comment to the PR, which can be found here: https://github.com/iNavFlight/inav/pull/4861

    Otherwise I’ll just let it be closed with no further activity.



    Added my comment in github. I would like to try iNav on my Tri. Thanks jihlein.



    One good reason to keep the iNav / Betaflight / dRoinin builds is that RCE just announced that its closing shop. Would hate to see everything be lost when this forum goes off line.

    BTW havin issues logging into Github from the Dominican Republic. Will try again once i am back in Germany.



    Not sure what this means, but it sounds promising. See attached screenshot of github status.



    Added my name to the comments, if that helps at all…?
    Had to join first, still dunno how their site works so I hope I didnt miss a button or something….lol!

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