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    Yes but I figured the board might censor that name


    Finally the weather today was sort of ok to at least test the latest firmware.

    using 2.4 rc2 the .5 version.

    I must say it felt really stable. Much better without tuning then .7
    I had triflight enabled.

    I could not get it to do an inflight tailtune. Maybe my tri moved to much when switching to tailtune mode.
    I had no weird tail behaviour in hover and punch outs. Also cutting the throttle did nothing to the tail.

    GPS position hold worked really well.

    I did not have my fpv goggles with me so did not fly it around the field.
    Hoping the weather is the same tommorow, so I will fly it with the goggles to feel how the tail really behaves.
    So far really feels good!

    For angle mode I bumped the roll and pitch angle up to 70 to get it to respond.

    Currently testing with 3s2500, so not the 3s5200.

    I’m testing with beaten unbalanced props because I don’t want to break another set during tuning.
    If I’m done testing all systems and RTH I will put a fresh balanced set of props on it.



    Is the R5 pad in the current iNav build still RX5? (that is the pad next to M1-4)

    I need an extra RX for my VTX. (smartaudio)

Viewing 3 posts - 166 through 168 (of 168 total)
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