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    Yes but I figured the board might censor that name


    Finally the weather today was sort of ok to at least test the latest firmware.

    using 2.4 rc2 the .5 version.

    I must say it felt really stable. Much better without tuning then .7
    I had triflight enabled.

    I could not get it to do an inflight tailtune. Maybe my tri moved to much when switching to tailtune mode.
    I had no weird tail behaviour in hover and punch outs. Also cutting the throttle did nothing to the tail.

    GPS position hold worked really well.

    I did not have my fpv goggles with me so did not fly it around the field.
    Hoping the weather is the same tommorow, so I will fly it with the goggles to feel how the tail really behaves.
    So far really feels good!

    For angle mode I bumped the roll and pitch angle up to 70 to get it to respond.

    Currently testing with 3s2500, so not the 3s5200.

    I’m testing with beaten unbalanced props because I don’t want to break another set during tuning.
    If I’m done testing all systems and RTH I will put a fresh balanced set of props on it.



    Is the R5 pad in the current iNav build still RX5? (that is the pad next to M1-4)

    I need an extra RX for my VTX. (smartaudio)



    Back on the forum after a long time, the weather is better now and I have time to fly. Still, I followed the work done here with much interest! I have now enough confidence in my understanding of tuning the tricopter and I want to switch from dronin to Inav. It seems to me the latest .hex file from Jihlein is not downloadable anymore (2p4p0tf0p5.zip). Anyone care to share it?
    Or is all this merged into standard inav? I followed the tickets opened but did not quite understand every developpement made. Or are those custom hex file made with triflight, but standard Inav can fly the triLR?

    I read carefully the thread and will be summing up for me each advice to set up inav and tune it. For now I understood that triflight 0.5 flies better that 0.7…



    Most of the active LR users/testers moved to this thread on rcgroups.


    I’m sure you can find the most recent version there.


    Thank you for the link! See you there!

Viewing 6 posts - 166 through 171 (of 171 total)
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