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    Hey guys, I had my Tricopter v4 for quite some time now and finally started to upgrade it. I put a ublox neo-m8n bn-880 GPS module on it and flashed iNav on the F3FC board to be able to use gps missions etc. . The GPS module and its builtin magnetometer work just fine as long as the board is only plugged in via usb. The second I plug in the flight battery the CPU usage jumps up to >1000% and there is a lot of i2c errors.
    I already found this thread about iNav on tricopters ( but it does not directly address my issue, as my sensors are all detected as long as the battery isn’t connected.
    The GPS module has 2k2 pullups for i2c that I cannot remove because of them being covered by some metal housing. Therefore I tried to remove the pullups on the F3FC board, but that did not change anything at all.
    Does anyone have a suggestion on what to try next?
    Thanks for your help!



    Two 120 Ohm resistors each in series with the data lines of i2c did the trick here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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