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    Hi all.

    First post here 🙂

    I presently fly a collective pitch model helicopter – not very well, just basic circuits and hovering in all upright orientations. I also have a Blade Inductrix quad that I fly around inside the house. The next purchase will be some Fatshark goggles to fly FPV.

    I’m very keen to give outdoors FPV flying a go and was thinking a larger quad until I stumbled across the Baby Tricopter. Seems to me its flight envelope may be more similar to a model heli than a quad.

    Just wondering if the Baby Tricopter would be a good tri to start with. The small size and frame design is appealing. No doubt heaps to learn, but would lower kV motors or smaller props or a 3S battery better suit me?

    Good advice appreciated.



    If you are proficient in flying LOS on helicopter and inductrix then stepping up to outdoors should be doable. From all the tricopter designs around, the baby trip is probably the most robust, given its weight and sturdy frame. The mini and V4 tends to not withstand impact that well …

    Be sure to have rates set low enough as this is not a beginner multirotor. It gets away from you very quickly. But good fun. I have all three tricopters from RCE, and the baby is my favourite.


    I fly my Baby Tricopters just like a quad. It handles slightly different due to the way yaw is handled, but with the latest firmware developments, it is getting closer to feeling just like a quad. Durability has been excellent and I’ve crashed plenty into the ground. Stick with the standard RCExplorer spec parts. If you want to tone it down, that can be done by adjusting rates and/or expo.


    My Baby tris:


    if your in the UK I’m selling my baby tricopter Frame for £20


    @MCSTAN Do you still have your baby tri for sale?

    Im down south in the UK and am itching to get me a tri.


    now sold

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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