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    it was about a month ago that I decided to post a tread asking people how old they
    We’re. This was kind of stupid. I just wanted to see the wide variety of people in RC. Well, I revealed my age and I was banned from the forums. Crafty Dan sent the grim email and mentioned that I could have my parents send them an email and try to give me permission to participate on it. We’ve tried that more than once and no reply. If there is anyone who thinks they can help me let me know. I might never be let back on but oh well, I still got Rc groups. :/

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    Hi Joe
    I would just make up a different name and use a different email address. Its really just a computer that your logging in. No one will know. Why you would get banned is beyond me. Little by little they seemed like they went a different direction since they was bought by a company. I still catch a few videos and the podcasts. But since they changed there site its a little more cumbersome to navigate. Usally i just come here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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